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How Should Entrepreneurs Prepare for an Election Disaster? Don't wait for the ripple effects of contested presidential results to level your business.

By Gleb Tsipursky

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

richjem | Getty Images

It's less than a week until one of the most anticipated presidential elections in U.S. history. However, are you and your enterprise prepared for the possibility of a disastrous outcome?

It's not nearly as impossible as you might think. Politicians and political experts closely watching the run-up to Nov. 3 have astutely voiced concern over legal issues that may be on the horizon and could lead to the counting dragging on for weeks, which may trigger widespread civil disturbances, economic turmoil and even a Constitutional crisis.

If your gut is telling you that if it's never happened before, it probably won't happen this time, I advise you to think back not only to the contested 2000 presidential election, but back to last spring. Many businesses were unprepared for the slew of problems that Covid dumped on us, and this is because our brains have a tendency to gloss over "black swans," which are low-probability/high-impact events.