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How To Avoid High Commissions And Hacker Attacks When Using Cryptocurrencies Beta-Version of StreamDesk Soon Available For Testing.

Courtesy of Streamity

Cryptocurrencies are the bastion of freedom for entrepreneurs who don't want to deal with the banking system's bureaucracy. However, a significant obstacle to general acceptance of Bitcoin is the difficulty in converting it into fiat money and back. The solution is StreamDesk, a platform which allows users to legally trade cryptocurrencies without intermediaries and hidden commissions. The second round of its ICO is scheduled for June 25 as well as the launch of the beta version which will be available for early birds for free.

The need for the advent of such platforms is a growing cryptocurrency market which is expected to reach the volume of trades in traditional financial assets. People want to manage their money anonymously with no intermediaries. At the same time, existing cryptocurrency exchanges act as a small copy of controlling bodies. Declaring the principles of freedom and decentralization, in fact, the platforms themselves impose multiple restrictions. Being centralized in nature, crypto sites store their users' funds on their accounts, which puts assets at risk.

In addition, high commissions make operations with cryptocurrencies unattractive for a wide range of users. Most P2P-platforms work exclusively with Bitcoin and Ethereum. When buying or selling altcoins, the user must convert money to one of these currencies, and then to the desired asset. Transaction costs in this case can exceed 10%.


Streamity ensures security of operations protecting them from any interference with the help of smart-contracts. Every user is being supported with up-to-date information on the prices for cryptocurrencies, as well as a "fair deal" calculator. It calculates the average price of a similar deal on the main crypto-exchanges.

Noteworthy, that the platform doesn't store funds inside the system. Cryptocurrency is stored in users' wallets and nobody else has access to them.

From user's perspective, all actions inside the service are intuitive and automated, thanks to "Ethers" service. The crypto holders enter their public keys into the system, and keep the private keys, so, they only need to sign the transaction when necessary. Accessibility and transparency of information will make the service attractive to a wide audience, Vladislav Kuznetsov, Streamity CEO and Founder, highlights.

Contrary to existing P2P platforms, Streamity supports a number of altcoins and is preparing to maintain other smart-contracts such as NEM, to name a few. Negotiations on cooperation with major payment systems are also underway.


The StreamDesk beta-version will be accessible for free testing from June 25, along with the start of the second round of ICO-campaign. Early birds will be able to use the service free of charge. In order to test the service, you only have to enter the blockchain wallet address.

At the moment, the project's capitalization reached $ 4.2 mln with over 3.000 users already participated.

To find out more about the project and use the additional educational tools provided by Streamity, visit the website