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How to be Super Productive on Your Next Flight Make the most out of those hours in the sky with these tips from Singapore Air.

Singapore Airlines

Air travel can be the greatest gift in our hectic, fast-paced lives. More than just getting from point A to point B, it's a chance to really focus, rest, and re-center yourself before the next big undertaking. Your next flight could be the perfect opportunity to catch up on work, get much-needed rest, and feel prepared as soon as you land—whether it's work or pleasure that has you traveling.

Too often, though, those hours in the sky get lost to unproductive time or lead to restlessness. With a few simple steps, you can maximize your next flight and be as productive as possible. All it takes is a little planning and some useful in-flight resources.

Set an in-flight goal.

Make a to-do list before getting on your flight so you know exactly what you need to accomplish while in the air. Factor a few minutes of planning time into your day when prepping for your trip. If that doesn't work out, take the time before boarding your flight to sketch out a goal in your mind.

Maybe you'll clear out your inbox and finally catch up on email correspondences. Perhaps you'll sketch and outline for that big idea you've been pondering. Don't make your goal too ambitious or unrealistic.

To make getting your work done and staying connected easier, Singapore Air offers in-flight Internet services. For Business Class travelers, up to 30MB of free WiFi is offered to make connecting devices online a seamless process.

Pack your carry-on for easy access.

The last thing you want once you're settled in your seat for a long flight is to realize you've forgotten a crucial carry-on item or that the cord you need is stowed in your overhead bag. Situate yourself before takeoff. That means packing your carry-on for easy access so you have everything you need at your fingertips. If you plan on using your laptop, be sure it's handy and all the power cords and accessories you might need are within easy reach.

To help in this process, Singapore Air's Business Class cabin is designed with multiple places to stow your laptop, paperwork, and travel accessories. A business panel situated at each seat includes all the connections you'll need to stay charged up and connected for the trip.

Remember to hydrate.

Ever wonder why flying can make you feel tired, no matter how much rest you get? It's important to stay well hydrated throughout your flight given that in-cabin air tends to have less humidity in it, which can lead to that sluggish and dehydrated feeling. For travelers on Singapore Air's A350, a higher level of humidity makes for better air quality overall and air is filtered and replaced every two to three minutes to keep it clean and fresh for passengers.

Drink plenty of water over the course of your flight—more than you usually would—and you'll avoid feeling light-headed. Plus, having to empty your bladder will give you a reason to get up out of your seat more often, stretch, and move around.

Singapore Air's Business Class cabin is designed with multiple places to stow your laptop, paperwork, and travel accessories.
Image credit: Singapore Airlines

Adjust your clock while in the sky.

Jetlag is one of the toughest aspects of long-distance travel, particularly when you have to hit the ground running as soon as you land. Singapore Air's A350 includes built-in jet lag reducing features, like a lighting system that can help you adjust to the local time at your arrival destination.

To give your body a head start adjusting to the time difference, switch your watch and clocks to match the local time at your destination as soon as you get on your flight. This will help you mentally prepare for the time shift. For example, if you're getting in first-thing in the morning, adjust your clock and make sleep a priority on your flight.

Get some rest.

Catching up on sleep and winding down before a busy trip can be critical. After all, being well-rested will help set you up for several hours of productivity after you land. Be sure to disconnect from in-flight WiFi, turn off all screens and devices, and perhaps use a breathing technique to calm your body and mind.

If rest is your primary goal, Singapore Air's Business Class seats are 28 inches wide and fold down to 78-inch fully-flat beds so you have plenty of space to stretch and sleep.

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