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How to Manage Fear Fear is a natural part of entrepreneurship--we'll look into how to make it drive you.

By Amy Cosper

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Amy C. Cosper

I like going fast. In cars, on motorcycles--any machine that accelerates, count me in. I realize, of course, that this is a dangerous preference. There's always the possibility I could eat pavement, get a ticket and, in general, be perceived as a hooligan. These are risks I am willing to accept in order to satisfy the adrenaline monster.

In the anticipation of pursuing my "hobby," I have no fear of speed. It is only when I am in the act of speeding and realize, I am speeding, that the perception of potential danger sinks in. This recognition sometimes scares me witless, to the point that I start making mistakes: When I feel fear, my tendency is to overthink, overanalyze, overreact. When I'm afraid, I'm not performing at my best; this leads to self-doubt, and that's when I falter. And frankly, this jeopardizes my aforementioned (and hard-earned) reputation as a hooligan.

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