Amy Cosper

Former Editor in Chief

Amy Cosper is the former vice president of Entrepreneur Media Inc., and editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur magazine.

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Growing a Business

Why We Balance Passion With Reason

Passion slams the gas; reason steers us safely. It's important to strike a balance.

Thought Leaders

To Make Your Mark, First Find Your Place

Where is your ground? That's sometimes the most essential question.

Thought Leaders

You'll Never Regret This Business Investment

Entrepreneur's editor-in-chief recalls the time she fell in love with a work of art and what it taught her.

Thought Leaders

How Real Brilliance Is Measured

Rather than looking at typical benchmarks, we focus on the ideas, almost all fueled by passion and implemented by strong leaders.

Thought Leaders

Why Rising From the Ashes Is Vital for Disruption, Innovation

Good (almost) always follows bad.


Feel the Fear -- and Then Move Past It

Fear can hold you back, but if you fight through it, the rewards are plentiful.

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