Amy Cosper

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Former Editor in Chief


The Other Office

Entrepreneur Magazine's editor-in-chief on outside-the-office meeting places.

The New Sounds of Music

In this issue, we look at the innovations and emerging business models in the music industry. A note from Editor-in-Chief Amy Cosper.

Talking Trash

In honor of Earth Day, this month we look at a host of green business ideas and new market opportunities.

Aggravating, Unruly -- and Essential

Editor-in-chief Amy Cosper on mobility.

Go Gaga

How to get your Gaga on.

Opportunity in the Raw

Franchises are pursuing success with a renewed focus on saving money and greater value.

The Fill-in-the-Blank Economy

Some call it the entrepreneur economy, some the engagement economy. Whatever you call it, 2010 was a topsy-turvy year.

The Games People Play

Why social gaming matters to your business.

The Internet Machine

The evolution of the Internet has dramatically altered the way we work and buy.

Make Mine a Mojito

We've put together the ultimate, coast-to-coast guide to the best bars for doing business.

Chasing Brilliance

Brilliant companies are innovators, trailblazers and influencers--sometimes without even knowing it.

The Smell of Success

Figuring out where to save and how to bootstrap can mean the difference between the sweet smell of success and the bitter whiff of defeat.

Green Bubble or Green Opportunity?

Editor-in-Chief Amy Cosper talks about how going green can be a game-changer for all sectors.

How to Be Great

Building a great company starts with the leadership.