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Spin Doctors Put a positive spin on sales with these image-building tips.

By Kim T. Gordon

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There's so much talk about "image" nowadays. Inaddition to marketers and managers, there are now spin doctors, whopolish their clients' images by putting the best spin on whatthe public hears and sees. As a new business owner, it'simportant to be your own spin doctor, molding and honing yourbusiness image to successfully appeal to your prospects andcustomers.

I got an e-mail the other day from an entrepreneur who worriesthat potential customers see his new business as merely a hobby andwants to know how he can get them to take him seriously. Thousandsof entrepreneurs nationwide are faced with the same dilemma. Thekey is to create an image that communicates professionalism rightfrom the start . . . beginning when customerscall your company for the first time.

Every time your phone rings, what your prospects hear makes abig difference in the way they perceive your business. Here arefour steps you can take to make your business soundprofessional:

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