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Keys to Building a Passionate, Engaged Team The goal is to hire people who are passionate about the work you do and can remain engaged over the long haul.

Moving out of the startup phase, growing your team is a crucial element for any successful entrepreneur. Hiring the wrong person or people can set projects and your entire company back significantly.

Hiring people who are aligned with your mission, passionate about the work you do, and can remain engaged over the long haul is the trick. No one knows this better than David Wolfe and Jamie Diamonstein, founders of Virginia Beach, Va.-based Leesa Sleep, a fast-growing online company sells mattresses also donates one mattress to charity for every 10 it sells. Last year, Leesa was named a Startup to Watch by Staples and Entrepreneur.

"Once we find their raw skill, I'm looking for the fire in their eyes," Wolfe says about new hires. "Have they got the passion, have they got what it takes to succeed?"

Watch the short video above for more on Wolfe's and Diamonstein's thoughts about fostering a passionate, engaged culture.