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Let's Get Critical Constructive feedback can be a big boost for your business.

By Romanus Wolter

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Peggy was in the midst of developing a unique fashion accessory that could be worn as a necklace, belt or bracelet. To solidify her design, she invited business colleagues to preview her product along with its proposed instructions and packaging. Almost everyone praised her effort; however, the owner of a local jewelry store kept avoiding her.

Peggy approached the owner to inquire about his reaction to the accessory and explained that his opinion was integral to her success. The store owner shared his concern that the product's instructions were a little confusing; he didn't understand how it could be quickly altered for different uses. Peggy asked how she could make the instructions easier to understand, and the store owner recommended putting pictures next to the directions so customers could see how easily the invention transformed. Thanks to the store owner's valuable advice, Peggy was able to implement the change and vastly improve the salability of her product.

Most of us are reluctant to provide feedback because we're taught to be polite and supportive of other people's ideas. We might even feel that if we share our ideas, we're giving people additional work. But constructive feedback is a great way for entrepreneurs--and those associated with us--to achieve even greater success. To encourage feedback, you have to be comfortable giving and receiving it.

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