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London Calling The London stock exchange is courting American entrepreneurs for its small-cap market. Are you a perfect match?

By David Worrell

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

The British are coming. And this time around, they'rebringing cash for growing businesses.

Nearly every month this year, representatives from the LondonStock Exchange will fly to the United States to make a series ofpresentations about how U.S. companies can go public and score bigbucks on the LSE's international small-cap market, called theAIM. (AIM originally stood for Alternative Investment Market, butthese days, the investments are not nearly so alternative.)

Bruce Khouri heard the AIM calling in 2003. As founder and COOof SolarIntegrated Technologies (AIM symbol: SIT), Khouri was fundinghis company's rapid growth out of his own pocket. SolarIntegrated's unique solar-electric roofing systems were gainingpopularity among commercial customers like Coca-Cola and Frito-Lay,so Khouri needed a substantial amount of cash to finance assemblyand installation for waiting customers. He also had his eye onforeign markets, such as Germany, where solar electricity is morewidely embraced, but he lacked the cash to launch marketing,inventory and installation crews there.

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