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Since its establishment in 2009, the Dell Women's Entrepreneur Network (DWEN) has had a global mission to empower women entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. At its core, DWEN is a global and free network of like-minded women who share best practices, build business opportunities through collaboration, and share access to new resources and technologies that support business growth.

And DWEN is truly global. The network spans across over 50 countries all around the world, and with the recent launch of the new DWEN community website, the goal is to amplify the network so DWEN can support more women entrepreneurs to meet their success!

DWEN is best for entrepreneurs of all levels, startup to scaling, who believe that technology is the backbone of their success. Year round DWEN hosts events—regional and international, in person and virtual—to spotlight female entrepreneurial success and creates a supportive atmosphere while providing key business insights and resources.

Dell Women's Entrepreneur Network is for the...

Women Founder/Business Owner: Women Business Owners, Co-owners, Founders or co-founders wishing to use the DWEN community to advance their business, products or services.

DWEN Champion: Investors, partners, or Dell Technology team members that desire to support women entrepreneurs through the DWEN community.

Aspiring Entrepreneur: Women who are in the process of building or pursuing their own business, product, service or exploring the world of entrepreneurialism.

Top Benefits of DWEN

Dell Women's Entrepreneur Network (DWEN) empowers female business owners to grow their companies and build opportunities through collaboration and networking. Here are the top benefits of becoming a DWEN member.


• Access to a growing global community of women entrepreneurs

• Investors and advisors both in-person and online

• IT Advisor to support your technology needs


• Share your stories

• Learn from other women entrepreneurs' challenges and success

• Enjoy opportunities to be spotlighted on a global platform


• Tailored content and technology resources to help accelerate your business

• Access to Capital for Technology Financing for Venture Capital backed startups that meet certain requirements through Dell Financial Services (Subject to credit approval, product availability, applicable law, and documentation provided by Dell Financial Services.)

• Dell Rewards and tailored discounts on the technology you need to succeed

Together we can grow the DWEN community and empower more female entrepreneurs! Learn more and join today at

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