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Managing Growth at Different Stages of a Business First, make sure the growth is proportional to the desire in the market for your products and services.

Luxury men's clothing and lifestyle brand ISAIA was founded in Naples, Italy, in the 1920s, originally as a fabrics store that sold to the city's best tailors. Years later, founder Enrico Isaia created a small workshop next to his store, where craftsmen made tailor-made men's clothing.

And, so, a brand was born. But the story is far from over. By the 1980s, ISAIA began exporting its fine clothing products to stores in Europe, Japan, China and the U.S. Less than a decade ago, the company opened its first branded retail store, with addition locations popping up gradually around the world.

"Going from a wholesale business to wholesale and direct-to-consumer, whether that's e-commerce and your brick-and-mortar stores…changes the brand very much," says ISAIA president Jim Shay. Watch the short video above for more of Shay's thoughts on managing growth at different stages of a business.

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