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American Outcast Get ahead, even if it feels like the world's against you.

By Laurel Delaney Edited by Dan Bova

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

For centuries, "Made in America" stood for supremacyin everything. Now, with globalization on the rise and much of theworld resenting the unrivaled power of the United States, Americanbusinesses have to deal with protests, boycotts and increased costsof tightened security measures. How do you overcome thesechallenges?

According to Keith Reinhard, chair of DDB Worldwide andpresident of Business for Diplomatic Action, companies shouldposition their brands as local, a tactic that makes sense from amarketing standpoint if your country of origin is seen as anegative. Reinhard's advice:

  • Develop a plan that fosters a good brand strategy in youroverseas country.
  • Acquire new brand attributes such as cultural sensitivity and awillingness to listen to your customers.
  • Visit to learn how to be a goodworld citizen.

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