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Clear Advantage Focusing on your company's competitive edge.

By Jay Conrad Levinson

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Many of today's products and services are so similar to eachother that the only difference is in their marketing. Companies tryto woo new customers with jingles, special effects, gimmicks,freebies and sales. Although these marketing devices can help, aserious guerrilla knows there are other marketing weapons with farmore potency.

The most important of these are competitive advantages. If yourwidget doubles a company's profits, grows hair on bald heads orattracts lifelong partners, you don't have to use gimmicks, andjingles will just get in the way of clarity. Just the truth will dovery nicely, thank you.

Perhaps you have a plethora of competitive advantages. The onlyones that can be translated into instant profits for your companyare the marketable ones. A new kind of fabricating material, unlessit is a dramatic advancement with dazzling benefits, will probablyonly bore your prospects.

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