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Can Confucius' wisdom make you a better marketer?

This story appears in the September 2005 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

Idealist and philosopher Confucius was born on September 28, 551B.C. Confucius never ran a business or pitched a client. In fact,Confucius touted a hard-line negative perspective aboutprofit-seeking activities and believed that business, if it existedat all, should be an ethical economic system serving the well-beingof all people. He felt business should demand enduring, deep-rootedrelationships, far beyond any single sales transaction.

B2B entrepreneurs may not all agree on a "goldstandard" for ethics and marketing, but we can infuse ourbusinesses with accountability, transparency, trust and meaningfulcustomer conversations. In honor of Confucius, here are somethoughtful meditation tools for your B2B marketing toolbox:

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