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Better Than <i>Cosmo</i>

Sorry. We can't tell you how good a lover you are. But our quiz <i>can</i> tell you how to sell with the best.

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How advanced is your knowledge? You may think you knowit all-but you won't know for sure until you take thequiz in this column. In order to challenge you on the latestmarketing information, we've broken it down into six vitalareas, from how to reach working women to PR strategy and trademagazine ads. So break out a writing implement, and circle oneletter for each answer. When you've completed the quiz, checkout our answers. Then go put that information to work in your ownbusiness.

1. Teens represent a $150 billion market, yet motivatingthem to spend their money can be tricky. After ,which marketing factor do teens say has the most powerful influenceon their purchasing decisions?
A. Price
C. Whether a company donates to a cause
D. Celebrity endorsements

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