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Management Buzz 09/04 Check your spelling, pay equity and more

By Joanne Cleaver

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Mind Your P's and Q's

Imagine the chagrin of one eBay seller who tried to sell somesoftware for an "IMB" computer. In fact, misspellingswere so common on eBay, the company installed a spell check feature forsellers earlier this year. "People will still look for thosefortuitous misspellings, but they will be fewer," sayseBay's Hani Durzy.

Misspellings in advertising, marketing materials and lettersquickly erode your company's credibility, especially ifyou're selling professional services, says Rick Keating, CEO ofmarketing firm Keating & Co., in Florham Park, New Jersey."[People in] industries that are detail-focused expect thatyou'll be diligent with their work," he says. "Peopleunderestimate the power of a misspelled word."

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