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The Anatomy of a Winning Business Pitch

Here's a breakdown of what a pitch includes and why it works, using a real-life example. Read and learn.

Management Buzz 09/04

Check your spelling, pay equity and more

Management Buzz 08/04

Hiring ex-employees as consultants, Millenial workers and more

Down and Out

Many personal bankruptcies are really business failures in disguise.

Management Buzz 07/04

Protecting your office hardware, instituting a parental leave policy and more

Management Buzz 06/04

Getting female managers to advocate themselves, working around traffic and more

Management Buzz 05/04

Welcoming overweight customers, employing international students and more

Management Buzz 4/04

Covering expenses for employees on active duty, calculating employee loyalty and more

Management Buzz 3/04

Insuring international expansion, office socializing breeds productivity, and more

What Women Want

The growing economic power of women consumers is transforming today's marketplace. Find out how to tap into the desires of women--and watch your business take off.

Management Buzz 2/04

How work is really judged, security clearances for government contracts and more

Management Buzz 1/04

The current state of employee salaries, why camera phones might be a danger to your business, and more

Management Buzz 12/03

Determining who's an employee and who's not; hiring vets might be your best bet

Management Buzz 11/03

Determining who's an employee and who's not; hiring vets might be your best bet

Management Buzz 10/03

Rid your company of its jargon; why closing the last week of the year might be a smart idea

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