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What A Gas! It burns in your tank, but not on a flame.

By P. Kelly Smith

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Ever wished someone would come up with an insurance policyagainst running out of gas ... maybe a nonflammable fuelalternative? That's just what Mark B. Gordon and Richard W.Jones have done, marketing the first patented, nonflammable fuelalternative, appropriately named Spare Tank. Based in Baltimore,Emergency Fuel LLC purchased the exclusive worldwide rights toSpare Tank in September 1998.

Spare Tank is a unique blend of environmentally safe, organicand synthetic compounds that meet all the qualifications of theDepartment of Transportation and the National Fire PreventionAgency. "If you take a match and put it over our product [or]drop it in the fluid, nothing will happen-actually, the match willgo out," Jones explains. "It would have to be well over450 degrees before it would even think aboutself-combusting."

Gordon, 53, and Jones, 56, commissioned Harvard MBA engineerWilliam Hubbard to create the product's unique formula. SpareTank has already found shelf space in Baltimore regional stores andin Kmarts nationwide.

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