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Nine Reasons Your Site Isn't Driving Sales To make your website an extenstion of your sales staff, create content that educates visitors and helps convert them into leads. Serving is the new selling.

By Ann Handley

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I have a problem. I'm trying to find replacement windows for my 60-year-old Cape Cod house near Boston, but I don't want the vinyl builder-grade options in stock at the home-improvement superstores. Iconic architect Royal Barry Wills designed the cozy Cape, and he had strong opinions about what was good and bad. I'm trying to do right by the guy.

When I Google "residential replacement windows" or use other relevant phrases, the searches bring up manufacturer sites that show me various window types, sizes and features. They even ask me to sign up for their e-mail list--but they don't give me a good reason to become a lead. That's because not one is a resource for what I need: advice on the ins and outs of renovating an architecturally significant home, and on the pros and cons of wood versus vinyl versus aluminum clad. Instead, they try to sell me stuff.

In short, they aren't talking about my needs, but they sure do have plenty to say about themselves. I see these kinds of missed opportunities all the time. Home renovation--like many things in life--is an expensive, confusing prospect. The companies that understand that serving is the new selling will be the ones customers buy from.

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