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Ongoing Support Helps Franchise Owners Succeed Training, billing and curriculum support are among the valuable benefits provided to franchisees.

Courtesy of Kumon

In a typical employment situation, benefits such as health insurance and vacation days are often as important to job candidates as salary. Franchising can be much the same, in terms of benefits beyond expected revenues. New entrepreneurs often need support for training, billing and other business operations, especially in the first year.

The business model developed by Kumon, an award-winning children's education franchise, has successfully addressed these needs for more than 60 years. Those entrepreneurs becoming business owners for the first time bring different experiences and skill sets to the business opportunity and require different types of assistance in establishing their centers.

While many Kumon owners and instructors have backgrounds in teaching or strong skills in math, they may be less familiar with business operations. Low franchise fees make the dream to own their own businesses attainable. That's followed by assistance in setting up a center, such as buying furniture, obtaining sign permits, installing exterior signage and other improvement incentives. In addition, each owner-operator who opens a Kumon Center has access to a branch manager and field consultant who can offer regular support and business-building ideas.

Other new instructors may need more support on the education side. Owner-operators such as Kailas Rathod, from Fountain Valley, California, bring significant business experience to their centers and value the training in instruction and the Kumon method. Rathod grew up in a family with a business orientation and has a professional background in information technology (IT). Rathod says, "Curriculum is hard to deliver. It's not always easy to teach someone what you know. I had the educational 'cake,' and Kumon training was the 'icing on top'." Rathod also appreciates his supportive regional branch manager and the training he received at Kumon conferences.

The ability to control one's own hours is universally popular among franchise owners. Kumon's model allows flexibility based on school schedules and vacation times. Because many Kumon owners have their own children enrolled, their work also allows them to spend time with family and oversee their children's learning.

Kumon students and parents are generally loyal to the program, ensuring continued, steady enrollment and a sustainable business. Children often stay for years to work through the many levels of the Kumon Program. It's not uncommon for parents to enroll all their children, fostering a years-long relationship with a center and instructor. These long-term commitments offer greater financial stability to owners than do traditional tutoring businesses, which are often designed to help students pass a particular high-stakes test. Once the testing date has passed, those students tend to quit tutoring and move on.

In addition, Kumon franchisees appreciate the rewards of helping students attain mastery of academics and develop discipline and goal setting. They take pride in helping their students succeed at a high level and contributing to their communities. "This is a way to give back to society, plus put bread and butter on my table," Rathod says.

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