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Perkins Drives Franchise Development with New Prototype, Elevated Technology, and Virtual Brand Partnerships Perkins compliments its nostalgia while moving into the future.


Since 1958, Perkins Restaurant & Bakery has made a name for itself as the quintessential gathering spot for homestyle, comfort classics, and fresh-from-the-oven pies. As a legendary brand with 276 restaurants in the U.S. and Canada, Perkins is now flipping the script on traditional operations.

The in-house bakery is an integral component of a Perkins restaurant—and a competitive differentiator with Bakery Cafes in the U.S. being an $11.9 billion market segment. Perkins is proud to continually be a top ranked franchise.

Backed by a seasoned leadership team at Ascent Hospitality Management, Perkins is driving franchise development with a new prototype, elevated tech packages and virtual brand partnerships. With these elements in place, the Perkins pipeline continues to flourish with franchisees who are investing in the concept as it enters an innovative and explosive growth era, all while sticking to its home-grown roots.

Perkins latest prototype model.
Image credit: Perkins

Perkins prototype.

With the shift in both consumer behavior and the labor market, Perkins latest prototype model conveniently integrates carry-out windows and a new parking lot layout to make off-premise meal pick-up and delivery seamless for guests all year. Perkins has been beloved for its classic charm by fans for six decades, and its latest prototype model brings a fresh, modernized look and feel that compliments the nostalgia. With a trimmed down square footage, the updated format also lowers development costs and creates higher returns for franchisees.

Currently, Perkins locations are found across 32 states in a variety of traditional model formats—free-standing, endcaps, travel centers and hotels.

Elevated technology.

Perkins is also strategically investing in its consumer-facing and operations technology. To streamline the ordering process for crew members and guests, the brand is rolling out handheld tablets so servers can instantly send orders to the kitchen. This move will create front-of-the-house efficiency, ease labor costs and help restaurants turn tables faster. Likewise, mobile credit card readers are being installed so employees can swipe credit/debit cards at the table, leading to quicker check-outs.

"We have worked diligently to boost the concepts' growth while embracing the industry's ever-evolving trends," says Michael Abt, CEO at Ascent Hospitality Management. "Plus, there's a lot more to come in the months ahead— loyalty programs and a state-of-the-art intranet are all exciting new additions that we're rolling out systemwide."

Virtual brands.

To capitalize on the off-premise revenue stream, Perkins incorporated MrBeast Burger® into 88 existing locations, with plans to be in more than 100 by the end of the year. Aligning with industry trends, the famed virtual dining addition allows Perkins to further meet consumer demand for increased convenience and increase revenue for franchisees.

For fans wanting fresh-baked treats in the comfort of their pajamas, Perkins recently launched "Bakery by Perkins", its bakery-only delivery platform on DoorDash, Uber Eats and GrubHub. Guests entering delivery platforms specifically searching for bakery goods are taken directly to this option and can order favorites from Perkins' famous bakery with the click of a button. The technology-led "Bakery by Perkins" strategy is addressing a desire to house a second "storefront" for Perkins on delivery websites and is yielding incremental sales and profits for each store. Since its launch, Bakery by Perkins is proving to drive incremental bakery transactions and increases bakery sales by an average of 15 percent.

With flexible buildout options, labor-saving technology and the additional revenue streams coming from virtual brands, Perkins is offering a strong value proposition to restaurant operators looking to incorporate a thriving full-service restaurant concept into their portfolio. In 2021, the average net sales of the top 10 percent of the total system was $2,891,9021.

Looking ahead, Perkins will continue to build off the success and innovation of the past year by continuing to develop locations where classic craveables, great service, and new memories will always be on the menu, both in-restaurant and off-premise. Visit our website to learn more about franchise opportunities,

1 Represents the 2021 Average Net Sales of the top 10% of the Total System Restaurants (28 of 276) opened as of May 3, 2022, and open at least 50% of the calendar year. Of these 28 restaurants, 11 or 39% surpassed this sales level. Your individual results may vary. Some outlets have sold this amount. There is no assurance you will sell as much. For complete information see Item 19 in our August 19, 2022, Franchise Disclosure Document.

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