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Restaurateur Willie Degel on What It Takes to Expand Your Business 'It takes fortitude, it takes discipline, it takes patience.'

So, you think you have a great idea for a new product line, or how to move your brand into a new market or industry. Take it from Willie Degel, the colorful founder and CEO of Uncle Jack's Steakhouse, there are a number of important things to consider first.

"It takes fortitude, it takes discipline, it takes patience," says Degel, who also is the former host of Food Network's "Restaurant Stakeout." According to Degel, an entrepreneur who wants to expand needs to:

  • Consider other people's feedback but listen to your own gut instincts.
  • Plan meticulously. What exactly is this expansion going to require?
  • Face your fears and take the risk. After all, it's your dream you're building.

Are you ready to expand your brand? Check out the video above to see if you have what it takes.

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