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Objection! Customer's objections offer a window of opportunity for closing the sale.

By Danielle Kennedy

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Until a prospect reveals the truth about what he or she isthinking during the sales process, no salesperson-no matter howgood-can move in the direction of closing the sale. Maybe it'sa temporary truth, such as "It's more than we want topay." But for that customer, at that time, you have to takewhat they say at face value.

Most salespeople cringe when the truth surfaces because it'sgenerally in the form of an objection. The solution to handlingobjections successfully is to anticipate them in advance so you canconvert them into opportunities. If you do this, you'll findthat hearing objections won't have such an emotional impact onyou. Instead of feeling shaken, you'll feel confident that theprospect is giving you a foundation to stand on as you chip away atthe problem.

Here are four ways to anticipate an objection:

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