Danielle Kennedy


Fire Up!

In a sales slump? Turn up the heat on your cold calls.


Customer's objections offer a window of opportunity for closing the sale.

New Year's Sales Plan

Resolve to increase your sales this year.

Selling Online

What's the difference between online and brick-and-mortar sales?

Salespeople Wanted

The rules for prospecting apply to customers--and your sales force.

Your Daily Sales Plan

Our Sales Expert shows you how to increase sales by the hour.

Selling Your Services

Pop quiz: How do you sell something you can't touch? We've got a few answers.

Hot Tips for Cold Calling

Before you pick up the phone to make your introductory call, ask yourself these four questions.

Make a Friend, Get the Sale

Don't quite know why you're not closing more sales? Our Sales Expert thinks you may need more connections on the inside.

Game Plan

Looking for employees who can help increase your sales? Here are a few rules from our Sales Expert that will point you in the right direction.

Get Smart

To move ahead in sales, you've gotta go back...to school, that is.

Firing Line

Is there a slacker on your sales team? It might be time to say goodbye.

Rep Talk

Independent contractor or employee? Commission or draw? This five-step plan can help you decide how to pay your sales reps.

Word Travels Fast

Use secrecy, scarcity and the cool factor to spark a buzz about your product.

Bridging The Gaps

Is your age keeping you from making the sale? Learn how to turn it to your advantage.

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