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<I>Don't</I> Leave Them Speechless Why having a conversation--not a presentation--with a prospect is the best way to get the sale

By James Maduk

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You've found a good prospect, you've grabbed theirattention, and you think they are interested in what you'reselling. Time to pull out your best sales presentation and then gofor the close, right?

I see it on a daily basis, in every industry, at every level. Ithappens on the telephone, in the showroom, on a customer visit orsales call and even in the boardroom. New and seasoned salespeoplealike want to jump to the good part of selling--they want to wowprospects with a powerful presentation that leaves themspeechless.

Unfortunately, that is usually what happens: What used to be asolid prospect sits speechless, and you have nowhere to go in thissales relationship but back to your office. What started out as apromising sales call quickly grinds to a halt. Every salespersonhas experienced at least one of these stalled sales calls. If youare serious about selling, you have to ask yourself "Whathappened, and how can I make sure that I don't do itagain?"

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