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Out and About This ultraportable, voice-enabled memory stick gives new meaning to the term "mobile phone."

By Mike Hogan

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

It's sort of a telephone on wheels. The VoiceStickfrom i2Telecom is smaller than a lipstick case, barely a decent-sized key fob, but it can unlock an unlimited number of local and long-distance phone minutes for you as well as carry a good number of your work files on the road.

It's another one of those new wowee-zowee VoIP devices that will draw a crowd in a Starbucks or an airport lounge--just two of the places where you should be able to quickly make phone calls from any desktop, laptop or handheld with an internet connection and an open USB port.

VoiceStick is truly plug-and-play: no manual required. Just plug the voice-enabled memory stick into your computer and put its high-quality Plantronics earpiece/mic combo into your ear. Configuration is automatic: On first use, an installation screen will pop up so you can register for a calling plan and load VoiceStick's few operational files. Load them onto your hard drive or run VoiceStick from its flash memory: That will still leave most of its 50MB of storage available for file backup or transfer or to hold your PowerPoint sales presentation.

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