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Your Reproductive System Don't get too excited: a not-so-intimate look at workgroup copiers and whether you should choose analog or digital

By Amanda C. Kooser

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

There may come a time when Kinko's just won't satisfyyou anymore. Someday you'll get tired of leaving the office toget copies made. You'll also come to terms with the fact thatrunning off multiple copies means using up your printer's inkcartridges. And you'll watch your employees twiddle theirthumbs while waiting for 10 copies of a report to finish.That's when you know it's time to invest in a dedicatedcopier.

Personal copiers are tempting because they're cheap (lessthan $500) and small, but they don't have the muscle power tohandle high-volume demands or an office full of employees. Sowe're going to look at work-group copiers that are sized forbusinesses and used by small workgroups of employees. Thesearen't the horse-sized copiers of yore, but compact,networkable machines for low- and mid-volume use. The price tagscontinue to clock in at well over $1,000, but that's smallchange compared to the bigger machines on the market.

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