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Social Media Marketing Leaders Launch Vampped Digital to Create Apps for Influencers L.A.-based Vampped Digital is taking Social Media and Influencer Marketing to the next level by developing influencer apps – something that's been missing in the industry since it began.


For a brand to perform optimally and get their message to the right audience, having access to the correct social media influencers is a must. Properly directed and managed social media campaigns can make all the difference in the world. Unquestioned, the most experienced leaders in this space is Los Angeles-based agency Vampped - specializing in repositioning brands in the market space, creating world-class content and representing top digital talent with far-reaching online audiences.

Much of Vampped's success can be attributed to how extremely early its founders became involved with working in influencer marketing, with the founders meeting right as Instagram was getting its start – one working for a major talent agency, where he quickly resigned once the idea was conceived and the other already beginning to sign clients as one of the first social media influencer managers. This head start and experience has given them a perspective that's unmatched.

Since 2014 Vampped has executed over 1,200 successful social media campaigns, as well as being the first influencer marketing agency to bring influencers on exclusive world tours to promote vacation destinations for hotels, tourism boards, and travel brands, in their Vampped Tours program.

"We pay such close attention to our client's needs and are so passionate about their campaigns it seems like we are in-house because our impact is so high, delivering results that speak for themselves," commented Partner and Marketing Director, Robert Graham from Vampped. "We pay such close attention to our client's needs and pride ourselves on having a Vampped Family approach with our clients," commented Founder and Creative Director, Lindsey Heppner.

It would be hard to argue that Vampped hasn't proven themselves as they've developed one of the most impressive client lists in the industry. Just a few big-name highlights include L'Oréal Paris, Under Armor, Puma, Bumble, Boohoo, Karen Kane, Casamigos, Peroni Italy, Shangri La Hotels & Resorts, W Hotels, SBE Group, Sugar Bear Hair, Bebe and Genies. Even more can be viewed at the Vampped website.

In exciting news Vampped recently expanded operations for 2019 to now include Vampped Digital, where they create revenue generating apps for influencers who want a fresh new, and profitable, way to connect with their fans.

Vampped Digital differs from other apps in a number of very important ways, allowing influencers to monetize from three different directions, to be paid immediately, and to be their own boss by selecting what content to share and reaching 100 percent of their followers and fans. No restrictive algorithms here.

The company anticipates having 100 apps developed, up and running, for 100 new influencers by the third quarter of 2019.

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