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The Biggest Singles Events Around The Globe

They have up to 1,000 singles at some of their events.

Do you find yourself attending events and wishing you stayed at home with the cats? Do you pay $20 for a cocktail and think, my love life isn't the only thing lacking zest? Do you feel like you're still not sure of the best way to find the elusive "one'? European newcomer The Inner Circle is the one dating app solving all these problems.

Courtesy of The Inner Circle

In this fast paced internet driven world where apps are proliferate, and your love life is inspired by Muse (Supermassive Black Hole), we welcome The Inner Circle, bringing its more unique approach straight from its launch city of Amsterdam, and taking it global. It's taken the curated selective dating approach, and introduced a third dimension of exclusive and contemporary events so that you actually meet potential partners in the real world.

The events are spectacles you won't want to miss, from Europe's largest dating event where 1,000 attractive young singles meet for the annual UK Summer festival, to rooftop parties in Barcelona partying into the sunset. The Inner Circle's exclusive parties are made up of around 300-500 sexy singles, developed to be the perfect number to increase your chances of making a match.

Through The Inner Circle's screening process, everyone in attendance is capable of quality conversation, and the brand ambassadors are on hand with ice-breakers to get the ball rolling. Live DJ's play the best music all night paired with cocktails and exotic venues, these events are going to make your friends in relationships jealous of your singledom.

Go for zeal, go for zest, and banish banal conversation to lesser gatherings. Professional and switched-on singles are the crowd you're after to tick these boxes - and you're in luck because The Inner Circle are hosting the sexiest singles events, which are actually worth the hangover.

So stop blasting Adele into your ears and crying into your third bottle of wine while sitting alone on a friday night, and instead get down to the hottest and freshest events your city has to offer, with The Inner Circle. See you there.

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The Inner Circle

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