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The Games People Play Why social gaming matters to your business.

By Amy Cosper

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Amy C. CosperChances are, your neighbors are doing it. Your parents may be doing it. Your kids are definitely doing it. And, right under your unsuspecting nose, your employees are doing it.

And, according to statistics, you are doing it, too. A productive activity? Maybe not. A rich business opportunity? Absolutely.

Welcome to the world of social gaming, and pick your poison: zombies, falling buildings, Mafiosi, cupcakes and those ubiquitous farm animals. Social gaming is a result of the perfect storm of market dynamics and pop culture: The place where play intersects the overwhelming popularity of online social platforms, particularly Facebook. The trend rises from a sense of growing isolation, an increased need to socialize virtually, an increased need for escapism and a flailing economy.

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