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There's Never Been a Better Time to Become a Knowledge Entrepreneur 'Everything you need is right between your ears, as long as you have the right software to build on,' says Kajabi CEO and co-founder Kenny Rueter.


Whether it's business coaching, fitness training, parenting skills, photography — you name it — entrepreneurs and other professionals have a wealth of expertise on valuable subjects. And other people can find that expertise valuable enough to pay for it. Online learning has become a $220 billion global market, with many people turning to the internet to meet both their professional and casual learning needs.

Maybe you've thought about creating a paid online course. But where do you begin? You likely don't think you have the time to create a course, handle the branding and marketing, etc. After all, a lot goes into creating a profitable online course. That's where a company called Kajabi comes in.

Founded in 2010, Kajabi is an all-in-one platform that provides high-impact business owners and first-time knowledge entrepreneurs the tools they need to package up their expertise into profitable online courses, membership sites, coaching platforms, digital communities, and more.

"Don't make the cardinal mistake of assuming that your dreams of passive income require a massive shift," says Kajabi co-founder and CEO Kenny Rueter. "Everything you need is right between your ears, as long as you have the right software to build on, and naturally Kajabi can help you there."

So, whether you're a business owner or you work for one, anyone can turn that expertise into a profitable online business by creating and selling access to online courses, coaching sessions, memberships and more. Roughly 35 percent of the U.S. population pursues a side hustle, and there are estimated to be more than 40 million solopreneurs in the U.S. workforce. Many of these individuals are capitalizing on the demand for online learning by making their unique expertise available online.

Kajabi brings the functionality of countless apps and tools into one place, allowing people to quickly and easily build digital content or services, and then market them with beautifully designed web pages, email marketing automation, and seamless payment integration. It also offers real-time insights into how customers are engaging with your business via user forecasting, customer progress tracking, and more.

Without having to worry about technical roadblocks or graphic design, Kajabi customers are freed up to make sure that the knowledge and content they are sharing is at the highest quality. Take Greg Todd for example. A physical therapist by trade, Todd realized early on in his career that generating revenue was limited to his own time and availability. By using Kajabi, Todd has launched Greg Todd TV, offering digital courses on exercise, additional therapeutic methodologies, and nutrition for his physical therapy clients to supplement him running out of hours in his day. Now he offers those systems and methods to other physical therapists as they build their practices. Todd has an entire online business that can scale without the time limitations of being a physical therapist.

Then there's Quynh Nguyen. After learning to create paper flower bouquets for a wedding she was coordinating, she saw a business opportunity and launched Pink and Posey, creating paper flower installations for weddings, special events, personal custom orders, and large commercial events for national brands. With demand from customers for tutorials, Nguyen set out to share her knowledge with others and help paper flower art become more than just a hobby for others. She used Kajabi to create The Paper Talk. As of 2020, Quynh's knowledge-based community has more than 5,000 members worldwide.

"The best advice I could offer is to bring a fresh pair of digital eyes to your business and ask what existing deliverables, expansion products, or entirely new offerings your existing experience, expertise, and enthusiasm could provide to interested people all over the globe," Kajabi's Rueter says. "Think about the most common questions, or support requests that you get often, that people would happily pay for a digital solution."

Click here to find out how Kajabi can quickly and easily help you create a lucrative online course business.

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