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There's Nowhere Better to Find Top Talent Than in Florida If you're in the market for innovating the way people live, work, and play, and hiring the best people to make it all happen, then Florida is the place for you.

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Orlando, Florida

There's a reason droves of people are either starting up or relocating companies to Florida. The Sunshine State is home to bustling businesses in industries like robotics, aviation, artificial intelligence, cleantech, manufacturing, and more. Their passionate teams are busy developing innovations that are changing the course of our collective future.

Why Florida? For starters, it has a business-friendly environment, top-notch infrastructure, offers Grant Funds for job growth, and has an undeniably rich quality of life. Perhaps most important of all, Florida has ample access to education and skilled workforces, making it possible for companies large and small to hire and retain top talent.

Home of the best and brightest.

A short drive north from Orlando is the city of Winter Park, Fla. Among the startups here is a company called Sonobi, a marketplace that connects brands with consumers that are seeking their products. "It is a high-frequency trading platform that makes these connections in real-time across the internet," co-founder and CEO Michael Connolly explains.

Sonobi was founded in 2012 and calls Winter Park home due to the city's "small but growing technology community near multiple universities," Connolly says. Proximity to colleges and universities means businesses have access to a highly skilled workforce. As it turns out, Florida has been named the No. 1 state for higher education by U.S. News & World Report for four consecutive years.

"We've been able to attract and recruit the very best and brightest engineers from the surrounding universities," Connolly says. From there, Florida's excellent weather, favorable tax climate, and cost of living make it easier to retain employees.

"Sonobi is absolutely thriving here in Florida," Connolly says. "We have been fortunate in our ability to ride the technology wave that Florida has provided us, and we can't imagine calling anywhere else home."

A global mission with local talent.

Conveniently located northeast of Orlando is the city of Oviedo, Fla. Here is where you'll find CURIS System, a bio-decontamination solutions provider offering disinfection products and services to the life science, healthcare, and public sectors. CURIS started as a concept and prototype in Oviedo in 2013. From there, the team moved from multiple bays in a warehouse, to a much larger facility that allowed manufacturing and office spaces, and has grown to fill its recently purchased manufacturing plant.

"It has been quite the journey and we like the Oviedo area very much," says CURIS co-founder and CEO Frances Grinstead. "It is here that we plan to continue to grow and manufacture the equipment, produce the chemical disinfectant, and offer services for bio-decontamination needs as we grow globally."

As CURIS began manufacturing its own devices, it needed to hire and rely on local professionals. "Drawing from the excellent universities we have within the state of Florida and even in our immediate area, like the University of Central Florida, University of Florida, and University of Miami, there is more than enough talent to fill highly skilled positions," Grinstead says.

With CURIS thriving in Florida, Grinstead says Florida is "kind of a "best-kept secret'" when it comes to starting and growing a business. "I can't imagine anywhere else in the country would be more advantageous for our business to continue to grow," she says.

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