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This App Will Help You Network More Mindfully Shapr is a perfect tool for entrepreneurs who hope to meet co-founders, partners and investors for their ideas.


Meeting new people is one of the most motivating, beneficial and inspiring actions you can take in life. Having a conversation with someone new can grow your perspective, challenge your ideas and shape the way you think.

It can also open doors for your career. In most cases, your professional achievements have been aided by others who have coached you, offered introductions to get you in the door, or inspired you to think in new ways.

Your network is the most important career tool you have, which is why networking app Shapr hopes to make meeting likeminded professionals part of your daily routine.

Shapr is a completely free app that facilitates introductions with nearby professionals. The app uses your self-selected #interests and location to narrow your search, by curating a daily batch of people worth meeting in your neighborhood. Keeping with the goal of networking more mindfully, Shapr intentionally limits the number of new connections to 15 profiles a day. The focus is on quality over quantity, so that users have time to meet in person. The app is growing a devoted following in the U.S., U.K. and France, and soon hopes to expand to more countries.

Shapr can be used to find mentors in your field, allies in your community and collaborators for your side hustle. It's a perfect tool for entrepreneurs who hope to meet co-founders, partners and investors for their ideas. However, Shapr has a clear policy against using the app to sell products or services. To keep the community consistent, Shapr encourages users to report any misuse and blocks those with a hard-selling attitude.

The result is a pool of smart, like-minded people who are actively interested in expanding their networks.

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With more than 200,000 user matches last month, Shapr is positioned as the lifestyle app that will make networking a daily habit. Swiping your daily batch takes less than two minutes a day, and no endless search is required to find professionals who are geographically close and ready to meet up in person.

With any networking activity, your goal should be to open a long-term dialogue, not close a sale. When you meet someone new, be inquisitive. Ask how you can help and offer to make an introduction or share a resource. Set a great foundation for a meaningful and long-term relationship.

Ready to add networking into your routine? Download Shapr for iOS or Android and make your first match!