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To Jumpstart Sales, You Have to 'Meet the Customers Where They Are' The founder of online clothing rental subscription service Gwynnie Bee explains her customer acquisition strategy.

When Christine Hunsicker co-founded Gwynnie Bee in 2011, she knew there was a market for her idea: an online clothing rental subscription service exclusively for women sizes 10 to 32. Her research showed that the majority of women are size 14 or higher, yet they represented only a small percentage of apparel spending.

With a great idea in hand, the next step was to start selling it. After leading a pair of tech startups that were acquired by Yahoo! and Facebook, Hunsicker knew that there was work to do in order to acquire new customers.

From the start, Hunsicker was laser-focused on acquisition strategies, like getting the Gwynnie Bee brand in front of fashion bloggers and spreading the message over social media. "You have to meet the customers where they are," Hunsicker says.

Her efforts paid off: Today, Gwynnie Bee offers 3,000 different styles and more than 150 select brands, and has delivered more than 3 million boxes to its members.

Learn more about Hunsicker's process in the video above.

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