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Trust Your Team Don't be afraid to delegate. You'll empower and inspire your employees--and make the most of your own time, too.

By Romanus Wolter

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Many people become entrepreneurs to break away from the control that corporations exert on employees. They leave the 9-to-5 business world excited to set their own agendas and schedules. But the truth is, our entrepreneurial endeavors can end up ruling us, making us their servants.

Being anything other than totally consumed by your business takes steadfast resolve. After all, the success of your business lies squarely on your shoulders. Every decision seems strategic and urgent. It's natural to want to micromanage everything, from creating new marketing materials to fixing the fax machine.

To succeed, you need time to think as well as act. Allow yourself to enjoy your work and take advantage of new opportunities by learning how to successfully manage your time and delegate whenever possible.

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