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Whether Selling Online or In-Person, Square Wants to Help Your Business Grow During the health crisis and beyond, businesses of all types and sizes have found creative ways to keep money coming in with Square.


The COVID-19 health crisis has made at least one thing very clear for business owners: Making a sale, and making the transaction as simple as possible, has never been more critical. No matter if you own a restaurant, a clothing boutique, a grocery store, or if you're solely in ecommerce—making sales as easy and seamless as possible is key to keeping revenue coming in during these challenging times. And having the right tools to do this will help your business survive and even thrive.

That's where Square comes in. When you think of Square, you probably think of the little white point-of-sale credit card reader. While that remains a big part of what Square does, the company's full suite of products and services includes Square Online Store, which enables you to set up an online store in minutes; a Square Invoice app that allows you to simplify your invoicing; Square Online Checkout, which lets you send an easy checkout link to help you start accepting payments online even if you don't have an online store; and much more.

For business owners, the ability to pivot and adapt quickly has shown to be a real strength during this "new normal." Square's ecosystem of products helps businesses sell both online and in-person. With a mission to help business owners make a sale, anytime, anywhere—whether you're taking in-person payments, selling online or sending invoices—Square puts its sellers at the center of everything it does.

Here are three ways Square can help your business get back on its feet as everyone adjusts to this new business climate.

1. Contactless payments.

Adhering to physical distancing protocols is a must for companies that are re-opening during this health crisis. Not only does it help keep employees safe, it keeps customers safe too, and goes a long way in terms of customers trusting your brand.

Physical distancing is necessary for navigating your establishment as well as the check-out process. Square's card reader allows businesses to accept chip cards and contactless NFC payments at your counter or on the go.

Businesses can also accept payments online via Square Online Store, which enables you to showcase products online and accept digital payments. That's exactly what one UK restaurant did as it pivoted from traditional sit-down dining to takeout only during the health crisis. Within just a few hours, its online takeaway service was up and running and business was quickly booming. Revenue was coming in without requiring customers to pay in-person—a win-win for everyone.

For service-based businesses, creating an ecommerce site isn't always the right solution. With Square Online Checkout, you can create a checkout link and send it to customers by email, allowing them to pay online and avoid in-person contact.

2. Making curbside pickup easy.

With brick-and-mortar stores and restaurants closed during the lockdowns, many businesses shifted to offering curbside pickup or local delivery. But keeping up with online orders can lead to chaos if there isn't a system in place to manage it all.

One UK-based bakery learned this after attempting to take orders over social media. Orders came in so fast they couldn't keep track of them all. So, they turned to Square Online Store, which not only allows customers to request curbside pickup at check out, it organizes orders and can send customers a text message notifying them when their order is ready, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience.

Another popular fulfilment option for many businesses is local delivery. To get started with delivery from your Square Online Store dashboard, you can set up business hours, order timing/scheduling, delivery areas, and delivery fees.

3. Creating new sources of revenue.

Whether impacted by the lockdowns, limited product availability, or staffing issues, businesses have faced countless challenges trying to stay afloat. Because of this, many have sought revenue in new places.

For instance, a UK-based beauty salon created a new revenue stream by selling gift cards. Loyal customers purchased the gift cards with the intention of using them when the salon opened back up. With Square's eGift Cards, businesses can easily offer gift cards/vouchers used for in-store purchases or online. By selling gift cards, the salon managed to keep money coming in while its doors were closed.

Click here to learn more about how Square can help your business get back on its feet and grow.

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