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Why Community Is at the Core for This Franchise At F45 Training, members are just as passionate about their local studio as their franchise owners are about their members. And it pays off.

F45 Training

For a lot of companies, the relationship with its customers is purely transactional. And while being profitable is obviously critical to business, it's not everything. Sometimes just doing the right thing and providing a little more than is required is key to creating loyal customers, and finding new ones, too.

That's why fostering community is one of the fundamental principles at F45 Training. Gyms, after all, can be intimidating places for first-time and casual gym goers. But at F45, there's a distinct focus on creating a welcoming environment because they believe that everyone is in the business of creating a better version of themselves and needs a place to do that.

"Our mission is to help people look, feel, and perform better in all aspects of their life, whether that be physical, emotional or cultural. We recognize that everyone is unique, and our product is customizable for each and every desired outcome of our membership base. But many people have a difficult time maintaining consistency," says Erin Cornette, an F45 franchisee in Shrewsbury, N.J. "Having meaningful relationships within the community not only creates accountability but does so in such a positive way."

Having spent nearly two decades working on Wall Street, Cornette ditched her corporate gig to open her F45 studio in September 2019. A certified personal trainer and self-described fitness junkie, Cornette fell in love with F45 after her very first class. "It managed to channel my inner athlete and create a camaraderie like no other class I had experienced — all in an effective, efficient, and electric environment," she says.

At her studio, Cornette instructs coaches to treat all members and potential members "as if they have entered the living room of their home" to help them feel wanted, comfortable, and cared about. "We find out as much as we can about each potential member so that when we assign stations, we can pair them with someone that we think is a good match," she says. "Often, we will find they end up becoming friends outside of the studio with the very first person we paired them with."

This same approach is taken at every F45 studio, globally. "The trainers treat you like friends, not customers," says Zack Permutt, a member at an F45 studio in London. "They learn your name after your first visit. I genuinely have no idea how they remember hundreds of names, but they do. I've never managed to get five steps into the studio without a hug or a Covid-appropriate nod. They put their members first and that's why people keep coming back for more."

Here, Cornette shares three ways F45's dedication to community has helped grow her franchise.

Passionate members create new passionate members.

When people get fired up about their experiences at an F45, it isn't uncommon for those people to spread the word, Cornette explains.

"We will often have our members bring a friend to the studio, and then the friend brings their friends," she says. "We have many mother-daughter duos, father-daughter, siblings, in-laws and more. They get to do something positive and healthy together in a way that they never have before. F45 is truly designed for all fitness levels and is something people are varying fitness levels and ages can do together."

Erin Cornette, an F45 Training franchisee in Shrewsbury, N.J.
Image Credit: Courtesy of Erin Cornette

Something to get excited about.

Members at F45 are encouraged to participate in the F45 Challenge, a training and nutrition program where members set personal goals and work hard to achieve them. Progress is tracked via an app and, most importantly, the local F45 community supports and encourages each other. F45 Challenge winners are awarded locally and globally.

"When our members post on social media or tell their friends about their Challenge results, we see potential members flocking in," Cornette explains. "The incredible results get new members in the door and the community support is definitely what keeps them as members."

A two-way relationship: F45's dedication to its members.

At the outset of the Covid-19 health crisis, when businesses all over the world began shutting down, Cornette and her team worked hard to find solutions for their members. The day she heard about the mandated closures, she worked through the night and by 7 a.m. the following morning, Cornette and her coaches were streaming their first virtual workout. The streaming continued for the next three months.

"When we were finally able to hold our first outdoor workouts on a nearby football field, members crossed the field with tears in their eyes," Cornette recalls. "Word about these workouts started to spread throughout the community and some grew to more than 75 people per session."

Cornette's passion for her members helped strengthen and grow her local F45 community. "Our members know now how strong our commitment to them is," she says. "We will let nothing stop us from being there for them."

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