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You Should be Great at Your Business, Not IT Solutions exist that can help businesses offload the burden of managing IT infrastructure, so leaders can focus on their expertise, not IT.

By Jayal Lakhani

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Managing IT infrastructure can be a daunting task for any business, but it can be even more challenging for smaller organizations with limited resources. Over time, these businesses often end up with ad hoc IT processes and small teams trying to support increasingly complex IT needs—in some cases, with team members juggling multiple roles. These challenges can distract from core activities, frustrate users, hinder productivity and even introduce security concerns.

If you're a business leader, you should be great at your business. But you shouldn't need to be great at IT. Today, solutions exist that help reduce the burden of IT management so you can do what you do best: run your business.

The freedom to focus on what matters

One way to focus more on business operations and less on IT is to leverage managed device service solutions. These solutions offer businesses with a range of options, including deploying devices, ensuring applications are up to date so employees can be productive, keeping them secure, providing round-the-clock support and even sustainably retire devices at the end of their usefulness.

One advantage of managed device service solutions is that your devices are always supported by a team of experts that keep them updated and secure. Team members that split their work between IT and non-IT duties can focus on other core responsibilities, which can result in increased productivity as well as potential cost savings in staffing and outsourcing fees.

Access to 24/7 support can also help increase business productivity and decrease downtime. Support teams can assist with everything from setting up new devices to troubleshooting common problems. Many organizations operate outside of conventional business hours or have staff in different time zones, making it all the more challenging to manage. By leveraging a managed device service solution, you can ensure team members have access to the help they need while reducing overall IT disruption.

Security is also top of mind for most organizations and for resource-constrained businesses, managing, securing and updating devices can be difficult. Yet another benefit is an improved security posture. Managed device service solutions can offer features like 24/7 monitoring, hardware-level security and systemized updates that are out of reach for many smaller organizations. And for organizations in regulated industries or with compliance mandates, this level of support can be particularly helpful.

How to bring managed device services to your organization

At Dell, we help businesses with these challenges through our Dell APEX Managed Device Service1. According to a recent Forrester total economic impact report commissioned by Dell2, organizations could see a return on investment as high as 170% in three years using APEX Managed Device Service over maintaining their own in-house IT. This is because APEX Managed Device Service offers highly skilled technology experts who take on the burden of IT to help keep your devices more secure and up to date. They can handle all elements of hardware management—from device set-up and software implementation, to prevention capabilities that protect your business from cyber-attacks and malicious activity, in addition to any hardware fixes. Plus, you get a range of services including accidental damage support and predictive issue detection. They also provide tech coaching, IT insight reports, and 24/7 support for employees in an all-inclusive, monthly subscription. Another benefit: using APEX Managed Device Service can unlock up to four hours per month improved user productivity3. Here's where you can learn more about Dell APEX Managed Device Service.


1 Dell APEX Managed Device Service is available to U.S. customers through Dell sales representatives or on in combination with the purchase or lease of the latest Dell commercial PCs.
2 The Projected Total Economic Impact of Dell APEX Managed Device Service, Forrester Research, March 2023
3 The Projected Total Economic Impact of Dell APEX Managed Device Service, Forrester Research, March 2023

Jayal Lakhani

VP of Product Management, Modern Computing Solutions Group

Jayal Lakhani is the vice president of product management within the Modern Computing Solutions Group (MCSG). His team are responsible for product management, marketing, operations, advanced solutions planning, and our Client Solutions aaS offerings. He has degrees from the University of Mumbai and The University of Texas at San Antonio. He resides with his family in India.