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Apple Submits Patent For Apple Paper Bag

Apple is so proud of its paper bag variant, that the company just submitted a patent for it.

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Pokémon Go Coming To Apple Watch

The game on the Apple Watch will force you to get up and move to catch Pokémon, making it the perfect fit for the device's health tracking features.


Microsoft Office 365 To Get Smarter With Artificial Intelligence

Genee is set to come to Office 365, and it is not exactly clear what role it will play.


Google Hangouts Is Getting A Makeover

Google is updating its Hangouts extension, and the new makeover does seem familiar.


Microsoft Might Stop Making Gaming Consoles

Microsoft's Project Scorpio, the company's answer to Sony's PS4 Neo, could mark the end of traditional console generations for the company, but there is a backup plan.


Facebook Launches Lifestage, A Video App For Younger Users

Lifestage is a video-based app, aimed at users 21 or below, while being tied to a school or college. With the app, users will be able to fill the "about me" fields with short Snapchat-style clips rather than boring old text.