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Here's How Netflix Knows What To Show You Next

For Netflix, detecting and recognizing viewing patterns is an intricate and important element to ensuring that the right content is being recommended to its users.


Wireless Communication Using Light: Zero.1 Launches LiFi Technology In The UAE

The new technology us set to allow high speed data transfers using light, as opposed to traditional radio bands.


Netflix CEO Reed Hastings On The Future Of Streaming, Competition and More

From tackling piracy to launching hit shows simultaneously across the globe, there's plenty going on at Netflix to get excited about, and still so much more they want to get done.


WhatsApp Bumps Up Security With Fully Encrypted Messages

With the new update, all users running the latest version of the app on iPhone, Android, Nokia or even Blackberry will be able send and receive messages, attachments and voice calls that can only be deciphered by the recipient.


Google Working On Hands Free Payment

Google has announced that it is beginning the limited trial of the Hands Free payment system in San Francisco at specific stores.

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Apple Reportedly Working On VR And AR Technology

Apple has reportedly been going on a hiring spree in the virtual reality market with their acquisition of PrimeSense.