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Connecting A Cloud-Centric World: How Du Can Maximize The Value Of SD-WAN In Your Organization

With du as a networking partner, organizations across verticals like healthcare, retail, finance, and education can make the SD-WAN adoption simple, seamless, and efficient.

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In an era of rapid digital adoption, organizations must transform their approach to networking to reduce operational costs and expand capabilities. Networking must provide a flexible foundation for digital transformation and free organizations to connect and optimize application performance in offices or anywhere a user may be. Software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) is the next evolution in enterprise networking and solves growing challenges facing organizations in their IT estates.

Legacy networking no longer matches the needs of consumer-centric industries like healthcare, retail, finance, education, and many others. Organizations across all kinds of verticals are managing distributed working environments, increasingly complex ICT environments, and growing demands for optimized user experiences. SD-WAN is networking for a cloud-centric world and delivers connectivity with increased efficiency, agility, and trust. It fully integrates routing, security, centralized policy, and orchestration into a single network solution.

The challenge for many organizations is to find their path forward in network transformation and to capture the opportunity in SD-WAN. They need to build a business case, plan a migration, and ensure implementation happens with minimal business disruption. With expert support, organizations can transform their approach to networking and see immediate benefits from making the move to SD-WAN. Organizations that make the move today will create competitive advantages and see their networking move from being a barrier to an enabler of long-term digital transformation.

Selecting An SD-WAN Partner

Choosing the right SD-WAN provider will define the success of an organization's network transformation journey.

Every SD-WAN solution will have different strengths and weaknesses. All must deliver local and global coverage and give an organization the freedom to grow and connect sites wherever they may be. Similarly, they should have a simple and easy-to-use interface that puts users in control of their networking. Ultimately, what really matters is an organization's SD-WAN provider and the value that they can bring to the table.

du can help you assess your network requirements and develop a transformation journey that will have an immediate impact on your bottom line while supporting long-term growth. We understand that every organization is different and has unique requirements. This is why we have partnered with world-leading SD-WAN technology providers and offer best-of-breed solutions to our enterprise customers.

We take world-class technologies and shape them to meet your needs in the UAE and beyond. We make network transformation simple, seamless and efficient so that you immediately benefit from using SD-WAN. It is about delivering the right solution for every enterprise we serve.

du makes it simple to migrate legacy networks to SD-WAN with minimal disruption to your business operations. Our approach removes barriers to implementation and ensures that networking is aligned with your organization's objectives. Our expert teams work in close collaboration with your internal IT department to ensure a smooth network transformation journey.

We offer highly scalable and trusted infrastructure locally in the UAE and across the globe. Our SD-WAN solutions are designed to serve local and global demand with a consistent user experience, no matter where you need to connect. We support you with overlay and underlay services as well as full end-to-end management. This ensures reliability and consistent quality with a simple and efficient model.

Long-Term Network Transformation And Optimization

With du as a networking partner, organizations across verticals like healthcare, retail, finance, and education can make the SD-WAN adoption simple, seamless, and efficient. Every organization should have a partner that can be their guide on a long-term network transformation journey that continually evolves to meet the changing needs of users. The move from a legacy network to a software-defined future requires network expertise, skills and experience to ensure its success.

With du as a partner, organizations will be ready to pivot, adapt and change no matter the application requirements, user behaviors or disruptions that cannot be anticipated. They have a flexible foundation for connecting and innovating in digital transformation with a trusted and secure networking model. Organizations gain the freedom to rapidly change and develop without being locked into long-term contracts or needing to overprovision bandwidth. They have a model that mirrors the cloud services that they are using every day.

We can evaluate, co-create, manage, and optimize the entire SD-WAN transformation journey to ensure a comprehensive end-to-end migration path. As a trusted partner, we can remove the risk and complexity from network transformation so that adopting SD-WAN is simple and seamless. Working with best-of-breed technology partners enables us to help you rapidly scale your transformation.

The organizations that begin their network transformation today will be a step ahead of their competitors and will be able to move quickly to capture new opportunities in the digital world we live in. They just need to take the next step on their network transformation journey with the right partner.