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Zoom-ing Ahead: Behind The Scenes At The Company Whose Video-Conferencing App Has Taken Over Our Lives

Zoom's Gulf representative Sam Tayan explains how the COVID-19 crisis has led his team to be working around the clock.

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Dubai Chamber Conducts A Webinar On Ensuring Supply Chain Continuity

The Chamber's Sustainability Network shared advice on supply and distribution chain continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Survey: Dubai, Tell Us How You're Working From Home During The COVID-19 Crisis

How are you getting used to the new normal of working from home?

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Know Your Rights: Dubai Chamber And Clyde & Co Seminar Offers Insights For Employers And Employees During The COVID-19 Crisis

Attended by 278 participants from various sectors of the UAE business community, the webinar was moderated by Rebecca Ford, Partner- Employment, Clyde & Co, and Samantha Ellaby, Senior Associate- Employment, Clyde & Co.

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Make Your Voice Heard In Dubai Chamber's COVID-19 Impact On Business Survey

Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry has put together a COVID-19 Impact on Business Survey to understand how the COVID-19 pandemic has been impacting businesses in Dubai across all sectors.

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Dubai Chamber: Strong Leadership And Regular Communication Essential For Ensuring Employee Wellbeing During The COVID-19 Crisis

A Dubai Chamber webinar explored strategies and measures to maintain employees' wellbeing during the COVID-19 crisis.

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Infographic: Guidelines For Businesses In Dubai Amidst The National Disinfection Program

Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry has launched a guide to the National Disinfection Program that aims to help the private sector manage their businesses smoothly during the implementation of this initiative.

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Dubai Chamber Launches "Business Connect" To Assist The Private Sector Through The COVID-19 Pandemic

Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry has partnered with Entrepreneur Middle East to launch "Business Connect," a new information platform that aims to help companies and institutions in Dubai overcome the economic repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Dubai Chamber Calls On The Private Sector To Contribute To The Community Solidarity Fund Against COVID-19

Besides being the first organization to make an initial contribution of AED 10 million to the Fund, Dubai Chamber has now also launched a dedicated webpage for it on its official website, containing all of the information needed to donate to the same.

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Join Dubai Chamber In Supporting The Community Solidarity Fund Against COVID-19

Check out the video to understand why Dubai Chamber has made an initial pledge of AED10 million to the Fund, and how your organization can support the Fund.


Dubai Chamber President And CEO H.E. Hamad Buamim's Message For Dubai's Business Community Amid The COVID-19 Crisis

"It is in difficult times like these we need to unite and lead the way to maintain a positive spirit around us."


Dubai Chamber Donates AED10 Million To The Community Solidarity Fund Against COVID-19

Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry invites businesses to fulfill their social role by supporting blue collar workers.

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#BeSafeWorkSmart: Dubai Chamber Shares Tips For Working From Home

Check out this video from Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry for tips on how to be productive, regardless of where you're working from!

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"Tough Times Present An Opportunity To Put Our Best Foot Forward" - Dimitris Mazarakis, General Manager, MetLife Gulf, On Working From Home

Dimitris Mazarakis, General Manager at MetLife Gulf, talks about the importance of remote working during these challenging times.


"Let's Collectively Work Towards Building A Responsible Community" - Dulsco CEO David Stockton On Working From Home

David Stockton, CEO of Dulsco, talks about his commitment towards supporting the UAE government's efforts to ensure our safety.