Investing in Egypt's Startup Ecosystem

Growth Strategies

For Egyptian Startups Considering Expansion, Africa Might Be Where They Have A Competitive Edge

There are many markets in Africa that are looking increasingly attractive for Egyptian startups to not only compete in, but where Egyptian startups may have the competitive edge.


Egypt's Most Active Investors: Here Are The Global, Regional, And Local Players Fueling the Country's Startup Ecosystem

Egypt's investor landscape has a fair mix of local, regional, and international investors ploughing funds into the ecosystem.

Growth Strategies

How Egypt's MNT-Halan Went From Its Ride-Hailing Roots To Becoming A Payments Super App Unicorn In 2023

MNT-Halan offers loans, buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) options, e-commerce, and more through its payment-processing software Halan Neuron, as well as its digital cards and wallets.

News and Trends

The Impact Of Egypt's Currency Devaluation On Its Local Startups

Once economic woes coupled with a devalued currency regime environment is present, it has an inevitable knock-on effect on a country's startup ecosystem.

Growth Strategies

10 Graphs You Need To See To Understand Egypt's Startup Ecosystem

These modern-day dynasties are creating solutions that don't just serve Egypt, but reverberate across continents.

Starting a Business

A New Report By Lucidity Insights In Partnership With Entrepreneur Middle East Takes A Deep Dive Into Egypt's Startup And Investor Ecosystem

Egypt is the MENA's most populous country, Africa's third most populous market, and the world's 15th most populous nation, being home to over 110 million inhabitants.