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Top 10 Finance Entrepreneurs To Watch In 2022 When uncertainty is higher than ever before, we have chosen to commemorate ten entrepreneurs leading the finance industry in 2022

By Shishir Jajoo

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Following the adversity of the COVID-19 Pandemic: many companies have been forced to shut down, re-strategize, or even restructure their entire business model. This, however, leaves a huge gap in the market and provides many opportunities for savvy individuals to adapt to these changes and thrive in this challenging economy.

We can witness entrepreneurs provide innovative solutions to counter the negative economic setbacks and provide textbook examples of ingenuity and resiliency. When uncertainty is higher than ever before, we have chosen to commemorate ten entrepreneurs leading the finance industry in 2022.

Bob Nienaber, benefitRFP

For decades, enterprises have remained perplexed on executive benefit plan designing and management as it involves numerous corporate laws and a variety of individual tax regulations. Benefit and investment planners face many complications while finding ways to create a plan to recruit, retain, and reward employees. The issue is often the lack of required knowledge of financial instruments. For a long time, solution providers in the financial marketplace have approached customers incorrectly, claiming to solve all the issues in one go-around.

Organizations need to understand the funding mechanisms and benefit planning that can yield maximum profits for the companies that use executive benefit plans. With simplicity in wealth management as its core differentiator, benefitRFP eliminates the confusion and obstacles in the benefits planning process. Its unique artificial intelligence-based financial planning solutions help clients identify opportunities in benefit and investment planning to keep them in a profitable position. As a one-stop shop for corporate executive benefits, the company combines various products and services from leading investment and insurance product vendors with robust, cost-competitive administrative solutions. benefitRFP's tools assist enterprises in understanding their benefit goals and planning to achieve them. "We educate clients and then help them implement their benefit plans to enable them to make decisions and manage them easily," says Bob Nienaber, CEO, benefitRFP.

Joseph Weissglass, Configure Partners

Joseph Weissglass didn't come to investment banking through normal channels, and his path was unconventional by most measures. Born to doctor parents, Joseph never pursued medicine. Instead, he studied engineering and construction at Clemson before attending UNC Chapel Hill for his MBA. Early in his professional life, Joseph discovered his passion – and penchant – for building companies. More specifically, building teams and processes that align around a shared vision.

Joseph and his partners, Jay Jacquin and Jamie Hadfield, also shared a vision. The trio launched Configure Partners in 2017. Configure is not the prototypical investment banking culture, and instead, they have built a platform that rejects the typical bravado of investment banking. Whereas much of the industry revolves around an Ivy League persona, Configure reflects a different, humble mantra. The team at Configure embraces low ego client service, determined grit, and partnership. The results speak for themselves: Configure has grown ~500% since 2017 and now enjoys more than 70% revenue from repeat clients.

Brian Schaeffer, InvestX

Brian has over two decades of proven experience in the capital markets, having led three companies to successful exits, two of which he founded.

Beginning his career as a trading clerk, Brian rose to CEO of VDM Capital Markets, which he later helped sell to Lehman Brothers in 2007. Brian's entrepreneurial spirit, market expertise, and innovative instinct led him to launch Clearpool Group in 2014. As Founder and President of Clearpool, he ran all aspects of the company's revenue growth, business development and helped architect the firm's acquisition by The Bank of Montreal in 2020.

In 2020, Brian became an early-stage investor in InvestX. This trading platform delivers access and liquidity to the growth equity asset class and empowers the sell-side to invest and trade in pre-IPO companies. Brian's vision to deliver a world class piece of technology to a pistol hot asset class drew him back into the Fintech arena. He currently serves as the Managing Director to the firm.

As well as being a capital market visionary, Brian's tenacious leadership won him recognition for the 2021 STA Women in Finance Ken Heath Award. Brian was also an exclusive analyst with CNBC and appeared on Fast Money, Closing Bell, and High Net Worth.

Justin Kramer and Daniel Remstein, Moby

Justin Kramer is the CEO and co-founder of Moby, a financial technology platform that he founded at the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic with a friend and co-founder Daniel Remstein. The two set out to empower everyday investors with information that they can easily understand and action off of. Since its inception, Moby has quickly been able to scale to reach millions of people every week. Before creating Moby, Justin worked in Corporate Strategy and M&A at various tech firms and spent years working in asset management at the world's largest banks while he obtained the CFA.

"Daniel Remstein is the CTO and Co-Founder of Moby, a financial research and education platform geared on helping everyday investors bridge the access gap to reliable financial research and guidance. Before Moby, Daniel lead Product Development in the advertising technology and big data space where he met his friend and Co-Founder, Justin Kramer. Daniel's focus at Moby is building engaging products that users love while educating them."

Ron Bullis, Lifeworks Advisors

Ron founded Lifeworks Advisors because he believed that the wealth management industry was broken—for clients and advisors. He leads a multi-generational team of seasoned wealth advisors, daring financial innovators, and talented software engineers to develop the first liability-driven wealth management system that fixes the flawed traditional financial planning and investing approach.

Ron is passionate about providing hyper-personalized investment strategies and financial advice to everyone—regardless of a person's level of wealth. At Lifeworks, he built one of the first subscription-based financial planning services for clients with no minimum investment or net worth requirements.

Ron won the Scratch. Works FinTech accelerator program in 2020, has been featured in numerous industry publications and is a regular speaker at industry events.

His podcast, The Future of Advice®, features conversations with industry leaders and innovators disrupting the wealth management industry.

Ron is also the proud father of five beautiful children and the founder of the Ella Bullis Foundation, a 501(c)(3) that provides financial support to families who have recently lost a child or have a child in a neonatal intensive care unit.

Adam Finke, Cedar Inc

Adam Finke hit the ground running in consumer finance after leaving healthcare in 2013 and has risen to become a leading expert on Consumer Lending and neobanks. Raised on a farm in rural Minnesota, Adam took his Midwest Nice demeanor and set his sights on constantly creating elegantly simple solutions to highly complex personal financial problems.

Adam and his team, George Ulmer and Henry Szeto, set out to redefine how consumers interacted with banking services when they formed Tuo in 2020. Tuo's first value proposition, the Tuo Credit Builder, is the easiest way for thin-file consumers to Build Credit on AutoPilot. The AutoPilot feature highlights Adam and the Tuo team's vision for the future of personal banking, where most of their consumers' daily money moves are automated, and are given the financial confidence to stop worrying about their money and focus on living their best life

Ryan Schachtner, A Must Win

Ryan is a former collegiate baseball player and pro prospect, forced into early retirement by a career-ending shoulder injury. With his dreams of going pro suddenly over, Ryan decided to make a game out of life. Using the lessons and skills he learned as an athlete, he overcame the odds to build one of the fastest-growing financial planning firms in the southeast. When COVID pressed the global pause button, he took his 22 years of financial advising experience and wrote the international best-selling book "The Foundation for Financial Excellence," targeted to high school, college and professional athletes. He now partners with professional athletes and teams as well as athletic departments to create a lifelong, impactful financial education and empowerment experience. Ryan also tackles the mental health crisis through his "NIL" & Beyond brand building program by empowering athletes with a level of self-awareness typically reserved for CEO's. He then develops a personal branding strategy that aligns with WHO they are, and creates a healthy strategy to engage social media that enhances their endorsement and career value for life after sports.

Skyler Stokes, Aloha Wealth Partners

In a world where sales and numbers drive big institutions and corporations, Skyler is devoting his energy to delivering a more compassionate and holistic financial experience to people. A once ocean lifeguard and EMT in California and Hawaii, a surfer, a family man and traveler, Skyler is on a mission to change the status quo in the world of financial management by giving people more of what they really want – the time to spend doing things they're passionate about with those they love.

Skyler's firm, Aloha Wealth Partners, is an investment advisory practice that aims to remind us of the abundance in our lives. They're focused on cultivating creative financial strategies so their clients can enjoy loving and laughing with their family and friends. To them, that is what makes someone truly wealthy. Skyler is a registered representative offering securities through Emerson Equity, LLC, member FINRA/SIPC. Advisory services are offered through Aloha Wealth Partners, LLC. Emerson Equity and Aloha Wealth Partners are unaffiliated.

Securities are offered through Emerson Equity, LLC, member FINRA/SIPC. Advisory services are offered through Aloha Wealth Partners, LLC. Emerson Equity and Aloha Wealth Partners are unaffiliated.

Greg Aguirre, U.S. Capital Source Corp

Greg Aguirre is the Founder and Managing Director of U.S. Capital Source Corp. (USCS), a commercial lending brokerage focused on entrepreneurs and small businesses. With a professional mission of making certain all aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners he comes across reach their full potential, Greg launched USCS in the midst of the 2008 Financial Crisis to help support small businesses and entrepreneurs access the capital they needed to rebuild. With the lengthy recovery and slow growth, Greg, through USCS, launched Access Capital Team (ACT) for Small Business in 2010, a public-private collaboration providing FREE access to capital for underserved communities affected by natural disasters. Greg continues to operate USCS and ACT for Small Business with the renewed mission of supporting small business rebuild post-COVID-19.

Prior to founding USCS, Greg served as an Executive Director for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and served as Chairman of the Miami-Dade County Chamber of Commerce in 2013. As Chairman, he successfully spearheaded a White House Business Council forum attended by the U.S. Deputy Secretary of Transportation and local community leaders. Greg's work advancing the interests of small businesses in Florida was recognized with a certificate of appreciation presented by the Governor of Florida.

As a first-generation American, Greg was the first in his family to graduate from college and start a successful business. He firmly believes that the road to financial independence and the American Dream is through education and entrepreneurship.

Greg attended St. John's University and The George Washington University. Greg lives in Miami, FL with his wife, 6-year-old daughter and recently-adopted puppy, Lucky.

Nick Adams, Chronos Capital Group

Nick grew up in Chicago in an entrepreneurial family. His father, an entrepreneur himself, inspired him to pursue building a business to call his own. Nick has worked at some of the fastest-growing start-ups in Chicago and has experience with a top 20 investment bank.

Nick and his business partner, Mitchell Wadas, started Chronos Capital Group from their dorm room in college. Chronos Capital Group is a quantitative hedge fund that takes a scientific approach to investing, relying on signal processing through mathematical models. Their trading strategy utilizes statistical arbitrage powered by a collaboration of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. Chronos Capital Group's unique approach to diversification through a structurally neutral portfolio management system redefines traditional hedging techniques, helping limit market exposure.