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How Lighting Technology Has Revolutionized Cannabis Growing Operations

The old, inefficient lighting systems used to cultivate cannabis have long proved problematic. For some time, individuals, regulatory agencies, and state governments have been looking into modern LEDs as the solution to their growing needs

This entrepreneur exceptionally personifies FinTech with AI

With the motive of helping people understand the complicated yet powerful FinTech tools by providing accessible and quality education, Dr.Clemen Chiang founded

How Establishing Core Values Can Help You Turn Adversity Into Opportunity

Entrepreneur Ryan Leonard, founder and CEO of global manufacturer NJF Worldwide, cites his core values as one of the primary reasons for his success

The Signature Line Dominating the Men's Grooming Industry

For entrepreneur and business mogul Eric Roa, otherwise known as Pacinos The Barber, his start was nothing less than delving into the impossible

This Teen Influencer Wants To Inspire Through Her New Jewelry Line

Scarlett Bella Song's Annie X Scarlett mixes up high-quality jewelry with positive messages

Hyper-realistic Characters Will Add Subtle Value To This Advanced Metaverse Environment

MetaNept's partnership with Realiz3D brings hyper-realism to the space of blockchain

How This Digital Fintech Company Curated India's 1st Double QR Code

'Digital Banking' is not just a buzzword but a modern-day reality resulting from this technological advancement

New-age Fitness Enthusiasts Building Their Castle Of Success With Innovative Techniques

Charanjit Singh Sehmbi is touching the skylines with his innovative business model for the fitness industry. His company 'Wellness Companion' is successfully assisting people with weight loss, diet planning, fitness routine design, and tailored coaching

NFT Ticketing: A Look into The Future Of Live Events

By tokenizing event tickets and issuing them as NFTs, SeatlabNFT are giving artists and event organizers the tools they need to fight back against the scalpers and regain control over the secondary ticketing market

The Blockchain-driven Future Of Government Service Delivery

There are a plethora of areas in which blockchain adoption by governments would benefit beyond payments and financial services

Etihad Airways COO Joins Quint As Board Chairman

Mohammad Al Bulooki has served the well-recognized airways since July 2018 and is now looking forward to his work for the Quint

Top 10 Finance Entrepreneurs To Watch In 2022

When uncertainty is higher than ever before, we have chosen to commemorate ten entrepreneurs leading the finance industry in 2022

A Healthcare Innovation During a Pandemic, And Beyond

Carl S. Armato's Novant Health is connecting people with providers, offering an easy way to access everything from preventative services and care to advanced treatments and clinical trials

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