Shishir Jajoo


5 High-Impact Marketing Tactics To Drive Sales For Your Software Company

With the exponential growth of software, technology, and internet companies in the Indian startup landscape, how you market your new solution is crucial to its success

The Changing Landscape Of E-Commerce Needs Infrastructural Support To Expand

Nick Trigili's startup provides assistance to online store holders in creating a passive channel of income

These Two Entrepreneurs Have Led the Market of Alternative Protein

Toni Petersson of Oatly and Hamutal Itzhak of Else are two leaders who set the stage for the global move to plant-based protein that just may save the world from itself

This Blockchain Tech Is Providing Advanced Solutions For The Defi Market

Leonicorn Swap project is aimed at helping solve the limitations within DeFi

Fighting All Odds, This Computer Graduate Emerged As an Entrepreneur

Gulrez Alam of Teamology Softech And Media Services focuses on digital PR and making digital services affordable to MSEs and social media influencers

This Australian Entrepreneur Has Mastered The Art Of Entrepreneurship

Marcus Pereira has a unique set of skills, which paired with his fearless approach to business, sets him apart from others

How Internet Penetration Is Helping Rural India Grow Digitally

Technologies like big data analytics, machine learning, and blockchain will be increasingly deployed to supply commodities in rural areas in the coming years

This APP Helps You Simplify PDF Conversions

The Lua app offers a lot of options through a friendly and intuitive interface

Pinduoduo CEO Chen Lei On Why It Doesn't Take a Genius To Run the Consumer Internet Giant

Chen anticipates for Pinduoduo is a world where online and offline are fully integrated, which will create new consumer behaviors

Innovation That Fits In Your Pocket: How This Brand Became a Global Success Story

By educating, inspiring and empowering those around the globe with their story and products, Sebastian Cruz Couture continues to rewrite the playbook for entrepreneurs

How a Borderless Company Is Creating Equal Opportunities Around the World

Catering to the design needs of companies of all sizes and industries, Klingit works with clients and staff from every corner of the globe

Football Agent With Keys To Club Owners

Scott Michaels is also a well known FA licensed football intermediary in England and he has worked with a number of clubs at boardroom level across the world

This Innovative Blockchain-Based Digital Therapeutics Will Increase Efficacy Of Pills

Europe-based Epillo Health Systems introduces blockchain-based Digital Therapeutics product 'INTRx' to amplify benefits of your therapeutic drug plans

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