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Top 10 Inspiring Education Entrepreneurs To Watch In 2022 They are at the forefront of driving innovation in education and edtech

By Srivatsa KR

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In the difficult times when the world is going through a pandemic, these ten entrepreneurs listed below are at the forefront of driving innovation in education and edtech.

Jill McAbe, Boom U

Jill McAbe is a bestselling author and celebrated coach in business success, finding purpose, and the science of high performance and change. Jill has helped generate over 100M for her clients by doing business that uplifts us and creates emotional and financial prosperity.

Frustrated by the absence of business methods for expertise-based entrepreneurs who want more time for life, in 2018, Jill launched BOOM U, a training company for professionals and entrepreneurs who want to start and scale businesses that make them feel alive and inspired.

Jill has dedicated her career to the science of turning dreams into reality. Her best-selling book, It's Go Time, is your go-to source for building a business aligned with your purpose and learning the science of achieving your seemingly impossible goals.

Traven Watase, Scholar's App Inc.

While Traven was attending High School in Hawaii, he received scholarships despite his challenges. However, knowing that the same challenges prevented other people from qualifying for scholarships, he decided to eat PB&J sandwiches to save money and create a scholarship to fund students. After going through the scholarship process as both a student and a scholarship provider, he saw the problems both sides encountered and set out to fix them through Scholar's App.

Scholar's App has helped students achieve over $50 million of scholarships while bringing scholarship providers a high-quality applicant pool that empowers 50% of all scholarships to give out more money within 18 months of being on the platform. Scholar's App is on a mission to send 1 million more students to college.

Michelle Turnbull, Turnbull Coaching and Consulting

Michelle has spent the last 26 years as a professional educator advocating and fighting for the rights of students with disabilities. Michelle is the founder, principal consultant, and dynamic coach at Turnbull Coaching and Consulting, LLC. They provide exceptional special education support and services for youth and young adults, parents, teachers, and schools through advocacy.

Since launching in 2020, Turnbull Coaching and Consulting, LLC has impacted hundreds of youth in 9 schools across 5 districts in 3 states and is still growing. Teachers have gained best practices and positive impact from their unique approach that aids in helping to develop positive outcomes for youth and young adults with disabilities. They continue to empower parents to stand up for their children to ensure their needs are being met, especially during these trying times.

Mike Montoya, Stronger Consulting

Stronger Consulting is a mission-driven education consulting firm founded in 2016 by its current CEO, Mike Montoya, a 26-year education sector veteran with extensive experience working across K-16 school systems and numerous youth-serving non-profit and philanthropic organizations. They believe all kids deserve the opportunity to pursue their version of happiness and prosperity.

Stronger Consulting was specifically founded with a mission to advance opportunities for young people of color. The company prides itself on its executive recruiting services that match leaders of color with organizations that have taken a stance that all children deserve the opportunity to receive a high-quality education in a safe and supportive environment.

Brett DiNovi, Brett DiNovi & Associates

Brett DiNovi is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst & the CEO of the largest award-winning educational/behavioral consulting/OBM group of its kind on the East Coast of the United States. Brett DiNovi & Associates (BDA) deploys over 700 consultants in more than 300 schools and organizations serving NJ, PA, TX, ME, FL, CA, & internationally through remote video consultation. Brett is also a best-selling author with his new book "Behavioral Karma: The 5 Scientific Laws of Life & Leadership."

For the past 33 years, Brett has used behavior analytic principles to create large-scale change across schools and businesses using the principles of organizational behavior management.

Marc Steren, University Startups

Marc is the Co-CEO of University Startups. Led by top-tier professors, their proprietary process teaches high school students how to launch a for-profit social venture and then utilize that experience for a college essay, internship, and successful college application. Machine learning and automation help deliver this service at scale. University Startups partners with non-profits and school districts to embed its courses into the curriculum. With a focus on low-income and disadvantaged students, University Startups provides the methodology and skill development to provide a better future for our community. Marc is also the founding Director of Entrepreneurship for the Universities at Shady Grove and an adjunct professor in the Academy for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Andrew Ravin, Workshop Middle School

Andrew is an award-winning student, teacher, and mentor. Recently, he was named one of the Top 100 Innovators in American Education.

In 2018, Andrew founded Workshop Middle School, an innovative micro school in Brooklyn, New York. During the first year of operation, Andrew traveled the United States and visited more than 50 innovative schools. He was surprised by the amazing things that innovative small schools are doing across the country. The problem is that the schools are too often isolated and disconnected.

So, in 2019, Andrew founded the Innovative Schools Cooperative, a national network of innovative independent schools. The network connects 12 highly-effective schools in New York City; San Francisco; Philadelphia; Boise, Idaho; and more. The ISC helps leading innovative schools strengthen their students' communications, operations, and learning programs.

Andrew, Workshop Middle School, and the Innovative Schools Cooperative believe today's schools help prepare students for tomorrow's world.

Mark DeHart & John Lee, D&L Education Solutions

From a high school dropout to a military veteran to college professor, Mark DeHart has the experience that serves his customers well. For years, John Lee has designed training programs in fields related to Career Technical Education. Mark and John founded D&L Education Solutions three years ago to combat a need for a company-specific curriculum designed to meet the company's needs.

D&L Education Solutions is a national technical workforce development company passionate about helping companies train and retain exceptional technicians and frontline workers through innovative instructional training programs.

They combine immersive learning techniques, world-class training, trainers, and focused expertise to help you engage learners and improve performance through various delivery formats, new technologies, and innovative approaches.

Luz Cazares

Luz T. Cázares is a fierce advocate for equity in education and expert in PK12 leadership, finance, and operations. She is known for taking complex education and finance-related information and translating it into digestible, meaningful components. Luz was never the typical school district Chief Financial Officer. She deeply understands education policy and program and models her conviction that the role of every school leader is to support effective teaching that impacts learning for EACH student.

Luz launched Lucid Partnerships, Inc. to help education equity proponents transform good intentions into actionable strategies and real results. Lucid Partnerships provides individual coaching, professional development, and consulting services to support equity advocates in managing their resources to eliminate the racial predictability of success in our school systems.

Francesca Vera, Envision Learn

Envision Learn is an online educational program started by Stanford alumni for middle school and high school students to engage with the impact of technology on society.

Francesca is responsible for developing the company's educational programs and collaborating with the Envision Learn team to ensure operations run smoothly. She manages partnerships with high schools across the United States and the Philippines and assesses the impact of Envision Learn programs.

Francesca's experience in the Computer Science education space includes work on student mental health and technology stereotypes that has been recognized by international conferences and publications, as well as teaching computing concepts to students ranging from college-level to middle school.
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