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Artistry and Innovation: This Plastic Surgeon Continues to Break New Ground in Medicine

An accomplished artist, author, inventor, and one of the top plastic surgeons in America, Dr. Steven Cohen continues to change the world of medicine and surgery, creating new techniques and devices that have become the gold standard in his field

Top 5 Entrepreneurs Changing the Online Game In 2022

Through their collective efforts that span decades, together, they are responsible for impacting millions of lives

This Company Has Introduced an NFT Software Licensing Model, And It's a Disruption

CleverFiles is using NFTs to address issues related to software licensing models that impact vendors and users Cardano NFT Marketplace to Launch Beta Version

The NFT space is being disrupted by a new player making waves within the industry., an up-and-coming Cardano NFT marketplace, is barely a few weeks old but is already turning the heads of major retail and institutional investors for its promise to facilitate a "Digital Renaissance" in art. Analysts are closely watching the developments of this "crypto gem".

GloriAid Kicks Off Its Token Sale, As Their First Charity Work Being Refuge For Ukraine

GloriAid is developing an entertaining ecosystem for our users where various utilities for our token will be implemented

This Cardano Metaverse Project Releases Staking Platform, Set To Release Playable Avatars On the Cardano Blockchain

Cardalonia is an exciting metaverse where you are free to create NFTs and earn from your efforts and commitment

How This Company's Innovative Model is Honing Software Developers While Reducing Costs

Meet Build Labs: a collective of stateside engineers building exceptional, affordable software.

CEO Aschraf Mahmud Planning His Next Real Estate Development In Mangalore

His desire to venture into the real estate industry is born out of his passion to provide necessary assistance to individuals and corporate bodies

4 Cybersecurity Lessons From An Internet Transparency Entrepreneur

WhoisXML API CEO Jonathan Zhang shares some critical lessons from his over-a-decade-long journey toward greater cybersecurity transparency for all businesses

Most Influential Health And Wellness Professionals to Follow In 2022

While modern-day culture allows us to live life with more ease and convenience than ever, it also brings an ever-increasing amount of distractions and temptations Allows Play And Earn Simultaneously

Due to blockchain implementation, the way games are created, managed, and enjoyed has drastically changed, opening new, exciting opportunities for gamers and creators

This E-Commerce Platform Provides Customized Luxury Products At Affordable Prices

Etchcraft Emporium, an e-commerce platform, is turning heads with its premium ready-to-go personalized products with its stores at the heart of Delhi University, North Campus at Bungalow Road, and Kamla Nagar

Cardano Metaverse Project Cardalonia Releases Staking Platform, $LONIA Token Seed Sale To End in 3 Days

The developers behind Cardalonia came up with the Flexible Staking & Auto-Compounding Mechanism that functions in a way similar to Cardano Stake Pools

How Plugin's Blockchain Technology Helps Industries Adapt To Climate Change

With the growing threat of climate change, many industries need precise weather forecasting every hour. Plugin's blockchain solution provides decentralized, verifiable weather data

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