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The Metaverse And Future Of Gaming

Metaverse complements new technologies such as blockchain, IoT, gaming VPN, and 3D visualisation by generating an immersive visual experience

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Top 10 Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs To Watch In 2023

These women have made a name for themselves through their businesses, and they show no signs of slowing down

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Top 10 Inspiring Business Persons to Watch in the Middle East in 2023

These business persons listed below are at the forefront of driving innovation in different sectors in the Middle East


Can Bitcoin's Price Reach $1 Million?

According to analysts, the price increase won't end after it reaches $1 million; rather, a significant surge in price is anticipated in the years to come


Ethics-first, Shariah-compliant Crypto Engages Advisory Board, Prepares for Listing

Islamic Coin, a native currency of the Haqq community-run blockchain, aims to give the world's Muslim community easy access to financial services


Top 10 Management Consulting Entrepreneurs To Watch In 2023

Their stories' details vary; some don't last long term, but entrepreneurs all share a title similar to superheroes

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