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Singaporean Startup Ushers In Digital 4.0 Leveraging Data Azendian Solutions uses machine learning to develop solutions that enhance the performance of educational institutions and real estates

By Prabhjeet Bhatla

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Azendian Solutions

Having the capability to forecast whether a first-year student will, at the end of her time in school, graduate at the top of her class or in the lower percentile may seem speculative work, but that is exactly what Azendian Solutions (Azendian) can equip learning institutions to do.

Just turned five years since establishment, Azendian currently focuses on enhancing education and institution performance as well as built environment sustainability by reducing carbon footprint and improving the productivity of operations.

The Company is headquartered in Singapore and has developed its proprietary LiteOn Campus—a solution designed to enhance productivity for resource deployment and facilitating the learning journey of students in educational institutions. Its other solution, LiteOn Estate, is a smart-building solution that brings digital 4.0 capabilities to the built environment which can reduce the carbon footprint produced by real estate properties.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital 4.0 capabilities by businesses and organizations. Azendian has been expanding its capacity to meet this increasing demand.

Azendian Solutions group managing director Bill Lee believes data is a crucial asset for all organizations. Effective use of data and adoption of Artificial Intelligence will bring about new performance previously not attainable and it will also determine their success in an organization's journey towards industry/digital 4.

The Singapore-based data and analytics company also collaborates with Temasek Polytechnic in Singapore to champion data-driven AI-enabled solutions for digital 4.0 smart building solutions. The partnership with the institution's School of Engineering, School of Informatics and IT and their estates and facilities management team aims to co-develop AI solutions and offer teaching, training, and case study material to prepare Temasek Polytechnic's students and industry professionals for the digital 4.0 marketplace.

Azendian's LiteOn Estate solution taps on WingArc1st's MotionBoard technology, and together with other industry-leading solutions, it will be featured in Temasek Polytechnic's integrative built environment center as a showpiece and training center.

Bill Lee, group managing director, Azendian Solutions

The LiteOn Estate solution targets to increase productivity and reduce the carbon footprint, incurring less expenditure with chiller plant and air-side energy optimization. It also enables fault detection and predictive maintenance as the data-driven and machine learning-powered solution also has a self-learning algorithm to detect minute changes in equipment component behavior and their output. It is a real-time solution that requires minimal human intervention. The automated solution uses its technologies to draw data, optimize, and write back new setpoint strategies on a real-time basis. The engine automated self-learning model claims to improve performance over time and it auto-detects changes in the environment, for example aging equipment, changing environment condition, and heat load demand. It continuously hunts for the most optimal set points to ensure the expected comfort level for occupants while using lesser kilowatt-hours or energy to do so. The solution can achieve up to 20 per cent energy savings, depending on conditions.

"WingArc1st Inc. develops and distributes products and services that focus on the technology of data utilization primarily in Japan. We are very pleased to collaborate with Singapore-based Azendian, whose strengths lie in data analytics, to further distribute our one-and-only-unique-solution to the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) region. Now that we have a strong business bond with Azendian, with whom we share very similar future visions, we would like to see business growth for both parties from now and forward," remarked Jun Tanaka, chief executive officer, WingArc1st Inc.

The data empowerment company WingArc1st Inc entered into a business partnership with Azendian on 9 October with the aim to deploy the data analytics solutions in the LiteOn series embedding MotionBoard in the ASEAN region.

"Azendian Solutions is based in Singapore and has been expanding across South East Asia. Japan and the other developed markets across Asia are also key growth markets for Azendian and we are very excited to have forged this strategic partnership with WingArc1st Inc to support each other in our ambitions for these regions. WingArc1st solutions' real-time and high computing performance complements Azendian solutions. It is a win-win for Azendian and WingArc1st," added Lee.

Azendian's initial growth phase covers South East Asia and Japan. In the next growth phase, it is expanding to Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Beyond that, they are also looking to expand to the rest of the world. On the product front, they are looking to expand their domain offering from estate and education to other areas too.

The company is completing its Series A+ fundraising, to support the development and expansion of its product offerings, delivery, and marketing capabilities in South East Asia. Azendian is targeting its Series B fundraising in 18 month's time when it will be ready to expand its solutions beyond South East Asia and Japan to other regions.

Prabhjeet Bhatla

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