Ghaf Capital: How To Identify The Hottest Blockchain Projects To Invest In

The blockchain and cryptocurrency space has shattered so many of its previous records, as VC funding is currently scaling to new highs. According to CB Insights, 2021 Q3 has topped...

Cristian Bustos

Google announces the best Android apps of 2021

The best app was assigned to Balance and the best game to Pokemon Unite.

A Guide to Using Augmented Reality for Ecommerce and Retail

Here are the things you should know about breaking into AR for ecommerce.

David Ripert

Startup Raises $1.8 Billion in Bid to Generate Fusion Nuclear Energy

Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS) has raised more than $1.8 billion, the largest private investment in the nuclear fusion industry as more investors pour money into energy projects that claim limitless energy with no or minimal wastage.

Spotify Wrapped 2021: What were your most listened to artists

The music streaming platform presented the summary of the year for its users.

Google Removes Malware Apps That Stole Banking Logins On Android

Google –Alphabet Inc Class A (NASDAQ:GOOGL)– has removed a group of apparently inoffensive apps, which in truth were malware used to steal Android users' banking logins. According to experts who...

Cristian Bustos

Stand Out From the Crowd With Cost-Effective SEO

Though many business owners understand the essential principles of search engine optimization, it's crucial to keep up with regular changes to stay on top.

Jessica Wong

Do Employees Trust Robots More than Company Leaders?

Eighty-two percent of people believe that robots can support their career better than humans

Get Cyber Week Savings on 10 Great Apps for Entrepreneurs

Upgrade your tech with an extra 40 percent off these apps and software.

How to innovate my company using Artificial Intelligence?

Take note of these tips so that you use technology to your advantage.

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How to use robots to improve the customer experience at online sales events?

Given the high demand for responses from customers at the time of Christmas sales, robots emerge as an efficient alternative to deliver a good shopping experience.