This Is the Secret Sauce Behind Effective AI and ML Technology

It's a solution making it possible for businesses that haven't yet adopted AI to get in the game.

Joy Youell

Internet Blackout: What will really happen this September 30

Millions of computers and smartphones will become obsolete? Here we tell you.

Alto Nivel

Video customer service, the future of contact centers is here

Credibility, closeness and trust are the attributes that will make a difference in contact with the customer through video calls.

‘People Will be Hurt,’ If Crypto Markets Remain Unregulated, Says Gensler

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman Gary Gensler said he believes “people will be hurt” if cryptocurrency markets remain unregulated.

Nicholas Pongratz

The best technology and innovation podcasts in Spanish

If you are passionate about technology, or you just like to keep up to date with the latest news, we leave you the best podcasts in our language.

Hugo Cen

The Unstoppable Power of WordPress

For businesses looking to gain the most flexibility, power and affordability in their websites, WordPress is unmatched.

Frank Wazeter

Low-Code and No-Code Design Is the Future of Website Building

Low-code and no-code platforms are building sites that are just as impressive as ones built by skilled developers, and do it in less than half the time of their counterparts.

Itai Sadan

Singapore's New Visa Is Both Brilliant and Hard to Get

Tech.Pass is a new type of work visa designed specifically for foreign technology experts who want to come to Singapore. 

Eric Chin

How Advanced Analytics Can Put an End to the $50 Billion Retail Overstock Problem

Retailers are empowered by AI and ML technology-driven analytics to optimize inventory and eliminate the $50 billion overstock crisis.

Mark Krupnik

Data Isn't Important, But How You Consume It Is

Two decades ago, data was the buzzword in the business world.

Robert Finlay

Learn How to Create Wealth Through Cryptocurrency

You don't have to invest in cryptocurrency to make money on it.

They launch an electric scooter that plays music and avoids obstacles

"The World's Smartest Scooter" is made mostly of a material known as long carbon fiber.