Singapore's New Visa Is Both Brilliant and Hard to Get

Tech.Pass is a new type of work visa designed specifically for foreign technology experts who want to come to Singapore. 

Eric Chin

How Advanced Analytics Can Put an End to the $50 Billion Retail Overstock Problem

Retailers are empowered by AI and ML technology-driven analytics to optimize inventory and eliminate the $50 billion overstock crisis.

Mark Krupnik

Data Isn't Important, But How You Consume It Is

Two decades ago, data was the buzzword in the business world.

Robert Finlay

Learn How to Create Wealth Through Cryptocurrency

You don't have to invest in cryptocurrency to make money on it.

They launch an electric scooter that plays music and avoids obstacles

"The World's Smartest Scooter" is made mostly of a material known as long carbon fiber.

Top 5 Intellectual-Property Challenges Businesses Face

Having a strong intellectual property (IP) portfolio and strategy helps improve your brand value in the market.

Bill Gates invests $ 50 million in agricultural robots

Silicon Valley startup Iron Ox recently raised $ 50 million in a round led by the tycoon's Breakthrough Energy Ventures.

China Bans Cryptocurrency Trading, Bitcoin and Ethereum Dive

The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) banned cryptocurrency trading on Friday, declaring that all activities related to this type of asset –from payments...

Cristian Bustos

The Five Most Popular ASIC Miners for Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin mining is becoming one of the most lucrative and innovative sectors of the global economy. According to data, at the height of the current bul...

Aman Jain

How AI is Forcing Marketers to Reinvent the Industry

The age of artificial intelligence in marketing is already here. However, there is a dark side to using machines in an industry previously dominated by human creativity.

Mark Pierce

The Future of Digital Food - This 3D printed chicken was laser cooked, dare you try it?

It smells like chicken, tastes like chicken ... it's 3D printed and laser cooked. The Digital Foods team at Columbia University is taking laboratory food to the next level.