Bitcoin as Currency Triggers Our Fear of Missing Out. Can It Be Fixed?

Assuming the demand for Bitcoin picks up on the back of growing crypto enthusiasm, its scarcity will work to drive up its value over time, making it deflationary.

Ariel Shapira

Jeff Bezos "May Have Lied" To Congress About Amazon Practices

Lawmakers wrote to Andy Jassy, CEO of, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN), to accuse the company's top executives, including founder Jeff Bezos, of lying or misleading the House judicial committee about business...

Cristian Bustos

The 5 actions to avoid being a victim of an internet troll

October is cybersecurity month. Do you know how to handle a cyber bully?

Is AI Going to Radically Transform the SEO Industry?

AI is already here, at least in some contexts, in the search engine optimization (SEO) industry. Should we be bracing for an industry-wide overhaul? Or is AI simply going to improve our already existing capabilities, without many long-term fundamental changes?

Timothy Carter

Bakkt Share Prices Backtrack on First Day of Trading

Share prices of Bakkt Holdings Inc. slid below their initial public offering price on the first day of trading.

Martin Young

Johann Polecsak: The Blockchain Will be Unhackable Until Quantum Computers Arrive

Blockchain’s inherent safety is commonly seen as one of its major benefits. However, it was seen most recently in the hack of $600 million worth of digital assets stolen from...

Aman Jain

5 Indispensable Skills for Data Scientists

With the demand for data scientists skyrocketing, here are a few key business and technical skills to master that will help you stand out.

Brooke Wenig

​​How Blockchain Ecosystems Are Giving Back To The Environment

Blockchain technology is currently making big efforts to fight against climate change. Several platforms as well as charity tokens have started fund-raising initiatives for good causes and upped their game...

Cristian Bustos

15 basic tools that you will need for your business

There are hundreds of online tools on the market and, of course, choosing the right one sometimes becomes a difficult task for most entrepreneurs.

Ines Ruiz

Facebook To Boost Its Metaverse Project With 10,000 Hires In The EU

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)'s "metaverse" –a digital world project– will see the help of 10,000 people the company is planning to hire in the European Union in the next five years....

Cristian Bustos

Why Revolutionizing Farming Should Be the Next Space Race

We've seen what's possible in space, now let's do the same on Earth.

Dave Dinesen

What the Success of Streaming Services Can Teach Entrepreneurs

Streaming TV and movies are taking over the media world, but for good reason.

Ian Morris