SEC Commissioner Suggests Regulator Should be More Cooperative

An SEC Commissioner believes the agency isn’t doing enough to work with cryptocurrency firms in establishing regulations that they can comply with.

Nicholas Pongratz

Netflix Under Protestors Fire Over Dave Chappelle's "Transphobic" Comments

Netflix Inc (NASDAQ:NFLX) is feeling the heat after approximately 65 transgender community supporters –including Netflix employees– demonstrated outside the company's premises in Los Angeles on Wednesday. They claim that Dave...

Cristian Bustos

SelectTV Organizes All of Your Streaming Subscriptions in One Place

If you're cutting the cord, let SelectTV manage your streaming morass.

Facebook to change name to release metaverse next week, reports say

Social networks are little for Mark Zuckerberg and he's going for something bigger: his much-heralded metaverse. That's why he plans to change the name of Facebook next week.

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Facebook To Announce Rebranding In The Next Few Days

Internet giant Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) has revealed its plans to change the company's name, with an announcement believed to arrive in the next few days, before the Connect conference in...

Cristian Bustos

This Apple cloth to clean your iPhone costs 'only' 549 pesos in Mexico, are you serious?

Apple is selling official polishing cloth to clean your iPhone and other devices, but its price in Mexico of 549 pesos left Internet users speechless.

Consolidate Your Cloud Platforms into One with Treasure Cloud

It lets you move all of your separate cloud accounts under one umbrella.

We Need to Hold Facebook Accountable for Hiding Data

Even though Instagram knew the popular photo-sharing app was harmful to young and vulnerable audiences, the company had fully planned on opening it up to younger children.

Richard Maize

Bitcoin as Currency Triggers Our Fear of Missing Out. Can It Be Fixed?

Assuming the demand for Bitcoin picks up on the back of growing crypto enthusiasm, its scarcity will work to drive up its value over time, making it deflationary.

Ariel Shapira

Jeff Bezos "May Have Lied" To Congress About Amazon Practices

Lawmakers wrote to Andy Jassy, CEO of, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN), to accuse the company's top executives, including founder Jeff Bezos, of lying or misleading the House judicial committee about business...

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The 5 actions to avoid being a victim of an internet troll

October is cybersecurity month. Do you know how to handle a cyber bully?